5 Things to look for when hiring a junk removal company in Vancouver

20150926_102029_010You are ready to ged rid of some unwanted items cluttering your house, but you are not sure how to go about when choosing which service is the best for your project. You feel like calling the first company you find but you are aware of some of the bad reputation attached to this type of service. This article will help you avoid some of those bad companies and make a smart choice that will cost you less money and no headache.

#1 Junk Removal Rates

This is the most important point you need to get right. Obviously, everyone wants to get the best deal, but is exactly this emotion that is used against you. Junk removal companies with questionable business ethics will use this emotion to lure you in. The game is very simple. They post unrealistically low rates and stick out of the crowd. What they don’t tell is that the service rate does not include additional charges that are unavoidable. Only after they load everything, the real cost is provided to the client.

So, how are you to avoid this unpleasant situation? Ask questions! Extra fees are not bad on themselves, but it is when they are knowingly hidden from the client, that they become bad. When I talk to my clients, I can tell for the most part if a project might  involve some additional cost that cannot be determined in advance. This is when I inform my client that this is a possibility and I provide some range. For example with heavy items such as tiles and construction material in general. If I know in advance how heavy the material is, I can offer an exact additional cost, but is hard to do over the phone. The bottom line is to prepare my clients for such scenario.

#2 Politeness

This aspect is important for most clients, because there is a human interaction when this service is carried out. Do you want a moody and mean guy on your property? For some clients even a rude conversation over the phone is enough to avoid working with a company that hires such types of workers. My rule is that if they are rude over the phone, they will almost always offer you the same type of service. Think of it as a company culture.

#3 Size of Rubbish removal company

This is not as important to clients, but it can play a role for some cases. For example, some disposal companies are so small that it is basically a guy with a pick up truck. Now, these guys work hard, but there are many large projects they cannot handle on time. If you just have 1 couch, then a pickup truck will do.  However, if you have large amount of garbage to  be hauled away, you may end up staying home all day, watching the guy doing multiple trips to the dump.

There is also another angle with small companies. Again, this is not intended as a disrespect with small companies in specific. In general, they are the guy with a pickup truck making some cash money on the side. They don’t take their business that seriously and they have the habit of leaving their clients hanging.

# 4 Schedule Flexibility

Larger companies have more flexible scheduling. Because of scale, they can provide you with a better options of when they can service you. However, they are also charging the most, so it is something that you will need to balance depending on what you need.

# 5 Local Junk Removal companies

There are few reasons for why you should hire a Vancouver based junk disposal company. The reason that might be the most familiar to you, is that it supports the local economy. The other reason is that the less travel time a company has to your place, the less they have to spent on fuel and wages. It doesn’t alway express itself in lower rates, but if you live in Vancouver and you hire one from Surrey, you will get extra charges.

With this we will complete this little guide on what is the best way to hire rubbish disposal companies in Vancouver. This topic is vast and if you are interested in expanding your knowledge on this industry, my blog is a good place to start.