Why avoid cheap junk removal companies in West Vancouver?

We are all aware of the concept of “you get what you pay for”. This may not always hold, but as a general rule, this hold very strongly for the junk removal services in BC. In this article, we will examine some of the complications, these cheap services can get you.

Cheap junk removal services from Cragislist

Before, we proceed, I would like to clarify, that I am not suggesting that all hauling services advertised on craigslist are bad. There are many good companies, who are advertising on this free service, and those are not the ones we are examining in this article. As, you read on, you will find out how to distinguish the bad ones.

Junk removal services can be expensive, and there are good reasons for it. Companies have to pay for dumping fees, labour, gas and trucks maintenance. There is also the websites management cost and advertising can be prohibitively expensive as well. Therefore, when you see some company, claiming that they will charge you half of what others charge, you need to question it. They are either lying to you, or they are dumping your junk illegally. The first option is similar to the price bating tactic. The 2nd option may get you a nasty fine from the city. Some of these cheap companies, will dump your garbage behind some building, and if the city finds your mail in that garbage, you will be on the hook.

Cheap hauling companies are not reliable. If you have the whole day to kill, then this may not be a big issue for you. If they are really late or not show up at all, which is not rare, you can just reschedule with another company. However, most people don’t have that kind of a time to waste.

We will finish this article, by providing you with the most important reason, why hiring a cheap hauling company is problematic. Some people would charge you little money for picking up your rubbish, only so they can get access to your garage or house. They basically, get free access to your property in order to examine what can be stolen. Some will even ask you nicely, if they can use the bathroom. They can either unlock a window for a later visit, or simply pick someone from your place, when you are not looking.

We hope, that this little information on the topic, will allow you to evaluate the benefits and risks of hiring low-cost rubbish removal companies in West Vancouver. Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions, or you need us to haul away your unwanted items.