Why avoid cheap junk removal services in West Vancouver?

The good old saying that you get what you pay for, is not an exaggeration in the junk removal industry. This article will take you through some of the main reasons, why hiring a professional junk removal company might be a good idea.

Real cost of junk removal

Junk removal companies operating in West Vancouver, have to maintain their big trucks, pay dumping fees at the landfill, and provide salaries to their workers. Therefore, when you see a company offering junk removal services, for the fraction of what other companies are pricing it, then you should take a step back,and conciser, if this is possible. There is no way around most of the running costs companies have. If someone is doing it, he is either a business genius , or he is cutting corners.

Small junk removal companies

This is not an attempt to downplay the value of small business. Instead, we are going to examine the typical guy with a pickup truck, making some money on the side, on the weekends. This is what, you will most likely find on Craigslist. I personally started this way, but it wasn’t long before I realized that low rates I was charging, will get me out of business in no time. The long-term, and unforeseen costs started to catch up to me, and I had to face reality. I had to take this business seriously and the first step was in increasing my rates and getting a bigger truck.junk removal north vancouver truck

Pros and Cons of small junk removal companies

The pros are obvious. They cost less and you are supporting a small business. However, you have to make sure, the person who is running it, is responsible. One way to tell this, is to talk to this individual, in person, or by phone. Manners is all you will need in order to determine, what kind of service you may be getting. The negative side of hiring that sort of a business, is that they don’t always take this seriously, and they will probably be late, or not even show up. I had some clients, who called me on the day they were supposed to move out of their property, and the guy wouldn’t even show up to pick up the rubbish.

A point should also be made, that you are letting strangers in your house. Craiglist is known, for having people who are only there, so they can get access to your house, so they can see what is in there. They use the pretext of buying something from your, or providing you with a cheap service. It is rare, but it happens. Personally, none of my clients have been victims of that kind of a crime, but the owner of another junk removal company, had the misfortune to deal with that kind of a scenario.

Hidden costs

Some of the small operators, realizing that they can’t make a profit with such low rates, and that there isn’t really a reputation to protect, will engage in a tricky game with the client. They would quote, over the phone a low rate, and once the load the items, they would double it. The excuse would be that, the client had some special type of garbage, that needs to be disposed in an unusual way, and therefore, additional charges are applied. The client at that point, could walk away from the deal, but hey are made to think that there is some sort of legal obligation by the client. On top of that, the client is willing to pay the extra cost, since he or she has taken the day off work, and does not have the time to find another company.

The final decision, naturally is yours. I think, that I have made a good case, to why you should find a balance between a low service cost and high quality of delivering this service. The middle usually is the best option.