Bin rental in North Vancouver

draywallremoval35442Before you rent a bin, you should read this article. This information will allow you to make a better decision on what is a better service. Renting a bin or hiring a junk removal company in North Vancouver?

Junk removal company vs Bin rental

We are not suggesting that for all cases either of the choices is better than the other one. What the client needs to know is that depending on the circumstances, there is a right and wrong option. Each option has its pros and cons. Below you will find out why.

Pros and cons of junk removal and bin rental

Bin rental pros:

  • Cheaper per volume and weight
  • You choose when to load it


  • You have to load it yourself
  • Can take only few types of material (can’t take tires,electronics,drywall,green waste, mattresses, appliances, paint…)
  • You need a building permit
  • You need a spot to park it on the street
  • You are responsible for not putting anything illegal in there. Fine are stiff.

Hiring junk removal company Pros:

  • They load it
  • Can take pretty much any mixed rubbish.
  • They are responsible for what goes in the truck. No fines.
  • NO building permit needed.
  • Parking only temporary required.


  • More expensive per volume and weight

So, it really depends on the project that you are involved in that will determine which service is for you. For example during a construction or renovation done on your home, if you have lots of material of the same type, a bin rental is a better option. For example if you have removed lots of dry wall from your house, renting a bin will be more sensitive choice.

If you are doing general cleaning in your house, then you will end up with all sorts of different types of junk. In this instance it is better to call a junk removal company that operates in North Vancouver or anywhere on the North Shore. Why is that? Because the bin company will allow you to only put one or two types of junk in it.

Vancouver strict rules on junk removal

The city has very clear and strict rules on what goes where at their city landfill. In the case of North Vancouver, this would be the North Shore Transfer Station. If the contents of a bin are dropped at the dump and it has types of garbage that has to go somewhere else, the bin company will be fined and this fine will be passed onto you. That’s why if you have mixed garbage it is better to hire a hauling company because they can choose what goes where in their truck. Once the load it they can decide how to unload it legally into the different appropriate locations specified by the district of North Vancouver.

As we have shown, the client decision will be based on some very simple differences on what is the source of junk. We hope that this guide will allow you to make the right decision on hiring a bin company or a junk disposal business.