Construction waste removal in Vancouver

20140211_102949Vancouver is a city that never stops building. We have all seen the housing boom, that has been a big part of the city for the last 15 years. Building new houses, and renovating old ones, always leaves construction waste that has to be hauled away to the dump. Some construction companies do this themselves, but most choose to hire junk removal companies operating in Vancouver. In this article, we will examine the different options, companies, and house owners, can use. Some time will be spend on the different types of construction waste, and how that is impacting the cost of removing them.

A little bit about junk removal companies

There are lots of operators in the Vancouver area, but not all are equal. Quality is the first thing, clients should focus. There are many operators in this city, where they will just take your money and don’t even do the job right. The major thing you should focus on is, are these companies up to the task to help you get rid of your construction junk? At the end of this article, there will be more details on how to hire a good company for your needs.

Construction waste

This type of garbage is heavy, in general. Therefore, junk removal companies might have to charge you more, than what they would charge for a regular household garbage. Especially if you have flat items. Hauling companies have an average price range based on cubic yards. For example half of 10 cubic yards truck will range anywhere between $200 and $250. Filling in the same volume with flat wooden scraps, or heavy tiles, will almost triple the amount of weight. Since, garbage removal companies are paying disposal fees based on weight, it is easy to see why their service charge will increase. Keep that in mind when talking about pricing.

Drywall disposal

draywallremovalvancouverm21Gypsum is one of the construction rubbish, that costs more to dispose of. The reason for this is, that it costs more to dump at the city landfill. The city of Vancouver has a recycling program for drywall, and for that reason, the disposal frees are almost double. Expect this to be reflected in the junk removal rates as well. Drywall, that is old, needs to be tested for asbestos. The guys from the hauling company will ask you for it. Especially, if you have lots of it.

When you get the results from the drywall tests, you have to hire someone to haul it away for you within a week. For some reason, the dump does not accept lab documents older than a week. At some places, it is 2 weeks, but why risk it, right? After you get the results, schedule a pick up.

Treated wood

Most of the wooden material left from construction, or renovation, will be treated. This wood, for now, is considered just garbage. There is something you need to know about this type of material. The city dump will not take anything that is over 6 feet. Therefore, cut the long items, unless you are willing to pay the junk removal guys to do that for you.

Insulation is another garbage that has to be tested to asbestos. Keep in mind, that these requirements are based on the fact that in the 80’s, asbestos was used in those products. However, if the material looks funny to the rubbish removal company, they may ask you to test it. They can’t be blamed for protecting themselves. The fine is $10,000 for dumping asbestos junk at the city landfill.

Cardboard and metal recycling

This material is recyclable, and the junk removal companies will treated as such. Anything made out of metal, is taken to the dump, but it is not dumped with the rest of the garbage.

List of recyclable material for junk removal:

  • Cardboard
  • Drywall
  • Paint
  • Any paper (clean)
  • Large appliance
  • Wires

How so save money on construction junk removal?

20141031_111533The most effective way to save money, is to have all the rubbish at the curb, on the driveway, or somewhere close to where the guys can pull over with their truck. Labour is a major expense with this type of services, and construction material consists of many little pieces. For this reason, it is difficult to be transported by hand, since it takes many trips. Hire a general help to move it to the right location on the property.

The other way to save money on junk removal cost, is to not mix everything in one pile. You can understand, how it would be hard to pull the different types of construction waste, if they are stacked in a pile. While working on the project, get your guys to throw the left over pieces into few different piles, depending on the material. As a general rule, separate cardboard, metal, paint, and drywall.

We will finish this guide, with the hope that, after reading it, you will be able to make a better decision on how to hire a junk removal company, after you are done with your construction/renovation project. This article will be updated with more information, so comeback once in a while.