Cost of junk removal services in Burnaby

The majority of people living in Burnaby, have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing, as free junk removal. However, understanding the rates for these services, can be confusing sometimes. Here, I will attempt to simplify the matter at hand.

What is the cost of junk removal based on?

We will not be spending too much time on the general expenses all companies have. Just keep in mind that, hauling companies in Burnaby, operate and maintain big trucks. Now, that we have covered the basics, lets look at the elements that dictate the total charges that a client has to pay.

Disposal fees

Rubbish removal companies have to pay disposal fees at the city landfill. There is no way around it. The cost , for the most part, is based on the weight of the garbage they are bringing to the dump. Usually, they take it to the North Shore Transfer Station. The average size truck that is used by most companies, will weigh about 1 ton, if fully loaded. Based on this average, companies have come up with a simple system to price services. For example, if you have a ½ load, then they expect to load around half a ton of rubbish. Based on that estimation, they will quote you around $200 as a total service fee. In the next paragraph we will talk about the times, when pickups move out of this average.

What if your items are extremely heavy. Then loading the truck half way, will be way more than half a ton. If these companies want to stay in business, then they have to charge you more. However, if most of your garbage is household items and furniture, on need not worry about that. In the case of construction material, the company representative will inform you about the extra charges.

Recycling charges

The city of Burnaby has a recycling by-laws that need to be followed,and junk removal companies are not exempt. Some items carry a recycling fee. Not many, but they should be mentioned here. Clients who have a mattress, boxspring, or drywall, will have to pay those extra fees. Speaking to the company, would provide you with their specific extra fees. For example, a mattress on top of regular garbage, will have extra $20-$30. For instance, the if you add a mattress to the earlier example of half a load, would bring the total charge to $200 plus $30 for the mattress.

What if you have only a single item?

Lets assume that you have one couch. This is the most simple job and pricing it is also simple in nature. Couch removal ranges from $70 to $100, depending on the company. What if you have two couches? The 2nd couch would be about half the price of the first couch. The more items you have, the cheaper it becomes for each additional item. There comes a point, when few items, would take the same space as a half a load, so it makes sense to price it based on volume, which is cheaper for the client.

Cost of Labour for Junk removal

got junk march 16This aspect is not that important, but in some cases, it has to be taken into consideration. For a full load, the client will get 1 hour of free labour. However, some clients have their items, in a very difficult to reach location on their property. In this case, after the first hour, they may be charged $40-$60/h.

How to save money on junk removal services?

Here are some simple steps to take, if you want to avoid extra charges, or even save money.

  • Keep the items away from rain. Placing them outside on the rain, will increase their weight significantly.
  • Clear the path to your items. If the guys have to rearrange your house, so they can get to the unwanted items, then labour cost may increase.
  • If you want to do your workout for free, move the items to the driveway or the curb. The garage is a good location too.
  • Bag small items. You don’t have to secure the bags
  • Sort the recyclables from the garbage.

We hope, that his has provided you with the information that you need, before you hire a junk removal company in Burnaby. Call us, and we will be able to provide you with any information, regarding our industry, that we have missed here.