Cost of junk removal services in Vancouver

junk removal costYou have decided to get rid of some rubbish, but junk removal companies are providing you with services rates that are all over the place. This can be very confusing, but by the time you are done reading this article, everything will make sense.

What is junk removal?

Before we proceed to rubbish removal rates, lets first define what this service offers to people in Vancouver.

With very few exceptions, most hauling companies will be able to dispose for you any unwanted items. You have an old couch, or some household garbage, that has been collecting dust? Well, they can take care of that. They come in, load all the junk onto their trucks, and they will haul it to the dump. Some items go to the city landfill, and others go for recycling, or donations.

Junk removal rates

Garbage companies base their service fees on the volume your junk takes inside their truck. Rates range from $40 to $60 per cubic yard. This may not mean much to most people, so to make it easier, think of a regular size pickup truck, with sides. One of those, can carry about 3-4 cubic yards. So, to fill up one of them, will cost you around $200 on average.

Most rubbish disposal companies have trucks that are much bigger in size. They average about 10 cubic yards. Therefore, a full load can range between $400 and $600.

Heavy or special types of garbage

This is where most of the confusion starts for clients. There are some extra fees associated with heavy junk, or items that need a special disposal methods. Such cases, can bring up the price up by as much as 30%.

For example, mattresses carry an extra recycling fee. 

Good vs Bad hauling companies in Vancouver

The issue with rates in British Columbia, is that some companies try to appear cheaper, by not including all the fees in the total rate. They will even go as far, as hiding them, until the last moment. After everything is loaded, they will surprise the client. So, as a general rule, avoid the really cheap services, because they might end up costing you more than the professional services.

Single items cost

If you have just one couch for disposal, then this is very simple to price. Expect to pay around $80 to be removed. If you have it inside your house, then you might be charged more. There is a difference between curbside rates, and rates based on the junk being inside your house.

With this information, now you will be able to read what these different rates mean. If you have any questions, we can always be reached by our contact page.