Couch removal – How much does it cost?

couchdisposalThis article will do more than just answer the main question on the cost of couch removal. The topic will be examined to details, so by the time you are done reading it, you will be able to dispose of your old couch, the right way.

Cost of disposing of a couch

In case you are here, only to find out the answer to this simple question, the cost run anywhere between $80 and $150. It all depends on where the couch is on your property, and how soon you need it taken to the dump. If you want to find out more, or consider other ways of getting rid of your old sofa, please continue reading.

Sofa removal rates

Why the big range in pricing? Junk removal companies use big truck and hire few guys, and sending them to your house, just for one couch can be expensive. If you are in a rush, the high end of the service charge will be applied. However, if you can wait few days, then they will charge a much lower fee. Why is that? They use few days each week, to book all their small items pick ups. This way, in one trip, all the couches and mattresses can be picked up. This saves them money, and therefore, you have to pay less.

Saving on couch removal

The best way to save money on couch removal is to have it ready for the guys outside your property. Think of it this way. If they can park the truck next to it, this is considered a curb-side pick up, and you will enjoy the lowest rates. If you leave the couch outside, make sure the rain, that we enjoy so much in Vancouver, doesn’t get to it. If your sofa is wet and heavy, you will be charged extra.

Free couch removal

You will not find a rubbish removal company in Vancouver, to get rid of your couch for free. They can’t really run a business this way, because they can’t really sell the couch, or make money from it in any ways but to charge you for the service. Therefore, you should try some other methods.

Selling it online, might work for you. The challenge with this option, is that most potential buyers don’t have the transportation. It is not uncommon for buyers to promise to pick the couch from you, and then later to call you with the excuse that they could not get the van from their friend. It can be a frustrating experience, but it is not impossible. Furniture is sold online all the time. Just mind that it can take time.

Donating your couch might be a better idea, than selling it. Charities will take it if they need any. However, you should know that this might take some calling and driving around. This option will work for you, only if you have a pickup truck or a van. Also, you will need someone to help you load it

Getting rid of your couch yourself

This option is exciting, but most people find out, that it is harder than they originally think. Again, transportation is a must. Renting a truck is not as cheap as people think. It can be as much as actually hiring a hauling company to do the service for you.

Going to the dump is not fun for most folks. Waiting periods on line ups are random and it is hard to predict how many trucks will be there, waiting to get in. It stinks inside and your tires will be magnets to nails. This option is available and possible, but consider the pros and cons.

We hope that this information will serve the client well, and the right decision will be taken. This page will continue on being updated on the sofa removal topic, regularly.