What is the couch removal service cost in Vancouver?

What is the couch removal service cost in Vancouver?


disposal of couchWe all have that old couch ready to be taken away to the dump for disposal. But how much does it cost to hire a couch removal service in Vancouver? This article will provide you with all the information you need for getting rid of your couch.

In Vancouver it is not possible to throw away your couch with the rest of the garbage the city picks up for you. You will have to take the option of hiring a junk removal company operating in the Vancouver area. To most people this is a little bit of an intimidating step to take because they have no idea what it is involved in the disposal of furniture. They are not to be blames since the waste disposal industry is not very good at describing their hauling services. Therefore, I am writing this article for you.

Couch removal cost

Depending on where you sofa is on your property and how far you live from the city dump, will determine the total cost. If your couch is in the garage or outside your house, then you should be expecting a disposal fee anywhere between $70 and $100. Being close to the landfill will allow the rubbish removal company to get rid of your old couch quickly and they can save some money on labour. Another variable that will save you some money on the disposal rate is if you have other items which need to be taken to the dump. The total charge will be more but adding the couch to the overall pile of rubbish will add very little to the total cost. Therefore, it is a good idea to wait and do one big cleanup at your house. Then the cost per item is much cheaper.

What is the best couch disposal service in Vancouver?

Call couple of different companies and ask for sofa disposal rates. Make sure you ask if there are any extra fees. Be clear on what you are paying for. Some couch removal companies in Vancouver don’t include their labour cost into the total fee and they only tell you that after they load the sofa. As a rule I would not deal with such company.

My old couch is really heavy. Are there any extra disposal fees?

The extra fees for some extremely heavy couches will be very little. However, most of the time the extra weight on a furniture comes from the fact that it has been left out on the rain for a long time. Therefore, try covering the furniture with something that will protect it from the rain in British Columbia.

My couch has bed bugs

Unfortunately we don’t pick up furniture with bed bugs. However, there are many garbage removal companies that will it up for some extra fee.

How to avoid extra disposal fees?

Try to keep the couch dry and relatively clean. Have it ready outside the property or in the garage. If it is inside your property, remove obstacles. If we have to move other furniture around your house so we can get out your rubbish, we will have to charge you extra.