Why Craig’s list may not be the best option for junk removal in Vancouver?

junkremovaltruck3My company has been in the junk removal business for over 5 years and I have noticed one reoccurring issue. It is not the only issue in this industry but it is the one that is easy to avoid and hence, the article. It is not uncommon for the company to get a call from a client seeking our services on the same day. Here is what takes place. The client seeks to save some money so Craig’s list is the first thing that comes to their mind. We have to admit that there are some good companies on this online community but the rest are very unreliable.

The client ends up having to wait all day and hear all sorts of excuses why they are not being serviced. There are many reasons this keeps on happening and to my best ability I will try to shine some light on this issue. Quite often there are guys who think that in order to operate a good junk removal services, all they need is a pickup truck. However, this is just a minor part of the business. They don’t put too much importance on being professional and they pretty much only work part time on the weekend. They treat this venture as something that just brings in an extra cash. It doesn’t pay their rent so no need to really put too much effort into quality and punctuation.

Something happens the day before and the guys don’t feel like working the next day so they let the clients stay at home all day  waiting. In many cases, they wouldn’t even pick up the phone to explain to the customer that they are not coming. Besides this being frustrating, it can also get you in a very difficult situation that we have seen happen all the time. Clients would have to give possession of the property or move out of a rented property on that day and they are stuck with all that garbage. Then our company starts getting those emergency calls. In many cases, we can help but if we are booked up, we can’t do anything about it. Usually we need few days advance notice.

There are also other complications from using cheap junk removal services. It is not a good idea to let strangers into your house. There are some individuals who post cheap junk removal services only so they can gain access to your house. They see what can be stolen and later comeback to pick it up. This happens all the time in Vancouver and people need to be careful when using this online community.

Even in cases when these guys show up, they are unprepared. We are sure that there are exception but from what our clients have told us, it is really bad. Often the truck is too small to haul away all the rubbish. Many of them would take only cash. Besides this there is one final issue that is pretty alarming. Our company would not pick up any furniture that has infestations. We refuse to work with this type of furniture since we don’t want to bring it to our other customers. The cheap services would pick anything up and then would spread it around to other clients. Saving money is important but it might turn into a short term strategy of disaster. Spend a little extra for quality and avoid all the potential issues arising from cheap disposal services.