How to get a deal on junk removal services in Vancouver

Just like any other service, most of us would like to best the best junk removal service, for the lowest price. Here, you will find out, how you can achieve this balance between best services and lower prices.

Junk removal season

Yes, there is a seasonality to this industry. There are months of the years, when hiring a hauling company, will cost you more, and there are other periods, when you will be able to save on cost. The spring and the summer, are the two periods, when prices tent to be higher. There is a simple explanation behind this phenomena. When companies are really busy, they have to be very efficient in making most of their profit. The demand is very high and it is hard to get deals out during that period.

junk removal in West VancouverUnless, you are in a hurry, postpone the cleanup in your house, for the colder months. This is when, the rubbish removal industry is in a more flexible scheduling. This is not to say, that they are idle, but it is more of a function, of less busy schedule. Their rates, usually go down and you will be able to save money , on their services.

During the busy seasons, it is not uncommon for many of those companies, not to be able to service you even within a week. By working with them, in the winter, they will be able to service you the next day, or even in some cases, on the same day. This will provide you with optionality with your own schedule. Think of it, as an equilibrium. Instead of everyone, rushing to get rid of their junk in the summer, why not spread it throughout the year? It is nice to clean up your house for the spring, or summer, but why not do it few months in advance. This way, you get to enjoy all of your sunny days in Vancouver.

Save on the labour

This one can be a big one for most cases. There is nothing wrong, with wanting a full service, but if you have the time, why not help with the labour, and save some money in the process. Junk removal companies, have a final service charge, that is partly influenced by the cost of labour. Usually, the client will get about an hour free labour, for a full 10 cubic yards load. Any additional labour, will contribute to additional cost. You have the option to save on that labour cost. Get everything ready for the guys at your driveway, garage or curbside.

Separating the different types of rubbish, also can help you save money. If the guys, have to spend hours sorting different garbage, you may have to pay extra. For example, you can speed things up, by separating cardboard, paint, electronics, drywall, tires, and green waste, from the rest of the garbage. Hauling companies, are required by law to recycle these items, instead of dumping them at the city landfill.

By now, you are probably pleasantly surprised, how simple these ideas are on saving money on junk removal services. Most real good tips in life are simple, and this topic is no exception.