How to dispose of old wine in Vancouver?

This might be hard to believe, but we get enough clients asking us, every year if we can help them get rid of their old alcohol. When we tell them, that we are able to dispose of old wine, they are actually very pleasantly surprised. Yes, we can get rid of it for you.

How do we dispose of old wine in Vancouver?

As you are probably aware, organic waste, cannot be taken to the dump as a simple garbage. There are special bins, designated for food waste. As a matter of a fact, we can be fined, if we dispose of it with the regular garbage. So,we simply follow the rules, and everyone is happy.

The bottles, are taken, to the recycling facility,and with this, the whole process is complete.

Why not sell it?

Well, this is illegal in the province of British Columbia, and throwing it in your garbage bin, will also get you in trouble.

How about drinking it, instead of calling a junk removal company?

Well, this seems as the best idea, but it really depends on how old the wine is, and of what quality it was, when it was bottled. Expensive red wines, are able to last for many years. The issue is that, it is like shooting in the dark. Unless, you are willing to drink it by yourself, it is not a good idea to invite friends, and tell them that you have a good wine to share with them. For all you know, all the 20 bottles of red wine you have, might turn out to be bad. As for liquor, it is even dangerous. You could poison yourself.

We have never had clients just call us, just to come and pick up few cases of red wine, for disposal. However, when we are doing junk removal for clients basements or garages, we have always been approached with caution, in regards to “Hey, guys, can you get rid of old red win!?”. We are not sure, why this type of organic waste, brings this hesitation to our clients, and therefore, we decided to create this page.

You have old red wine for disposal? Call us.