Donating old furniture in Vancouver

I have been running a junk removal business in Vancouver, for the past 6 years, and quite often, my clients ask me if I can donate their furniture. The answer really depends on many factors, and this post will address some of them.

IMG_0398Most of the furniture we dispose of, ends up in the landfill. There is no way around it, since selling it or donating it, is not an economical option, and often it is not an option at all. As a matter of a fact, a large majority of our clients, have already tried to sell it, or give it away online, without much success. Hence, calling us.

If the furniture is in a good condition, then we will take it for donation. However, in some cases, if the facility is full, we still end up having to take it to the dump. There are times, when the client thinks that his furniture is of value, but we are pretty direct in telling them that no one will be interested in keeping it. This is usually with old furniture that looks like it is an antique, but it is not.

There is also the case with mattresses. In the junk removal business, we are aware that some have bed bugs, and therefore, it is impossible to donate them to any organization. Getting one of those mattresses in a building, can be a disaster, so every single one ends up at the dump, for recycling.

So if you need a junk removal help, and you have some valuable furniture, don’t hesitate to ask us. We will be tell you what the chances are for it, not to end up in the city landfill.