At some point we all gather enough junk around the house that has to be thrown out. Most of us don’t have the option to haul it ourselves to the dump ground so we have to call one of those junk removal companies in Burnaby. This is the stage we have to do the most of your research regarding which Junk Removal Company we choose. There is a big difference between a good and a bad Junk Removal Company. Read this article if you don’t want to become a victim of one of those bad junk removal companies operating in Burnaby.

First you need to search the internet for local junk removal companies. When you are review the search results, pay attention to the contact information. Often search engines will return results for junk removal companies located outside your city or even country. So it is better to search for something like “junk removal Burnaby” instead of just “junk removal”. Visit each website and my advice to you is not to pay too much attention to the design of the website. We are looking for a junk removal company and not a webdesign company. Junk Removal companies in general are pretty new to the internet and their websites are not that good to look at. I am not saying there isn’t any good looking junk removal websites. My point is not to pay attention to the design. We are looking for good hauling services and low disposal fees.

Once you get to the junk removal company website, find the disposal fees they charge. Before you start reading the junk removal fee list, see if you can find information on whether those disposal fees include any unpleasant hidden fees. Often junk removal companies in Burnaby will list a couch for $70 but not tell you that fee only covers their services and not the disposal fees they pay at the dump station. This practice is very unfair but unfortunately, most junk removal companies in Burnaby engage in this way. If you cannot get this information, then get it when you call the junk removal company. Ask the company representative on the phone if they have any hidden fees and taxes on top of the junk removal service fees quoted on their website. If they dance around this question, don’t deal with this junk removal company.
You will get a good indication what kind of junk removal company you are dealing with when you talk on the phone with one of their representatives. If you are treated bad on the phone, expect that same treatment when the junk removal guys arrive at your house. This rule never fails. However, there is one exception coming from the big junk removal companies in Burnaby. The 1800 JUNK companies have very good manners on the phone but they will rob you. 1800 JUNK companies have no information on their junk removal services on their websites. This is the first red flag that you should look for. Once you call a 1800 JUNK company, you will realize that they wouldn’t give you a junk removal service price list over the phone too. Then their junk removal guys will show up and load your junk and then give you a disposal fee 2 to 3 times higher than what an average junk removal company in Burnaby will give you. Therefore, my advice to you is not to deal with the big 1800 Junk companies in Burnaby unless you have lots of money to throw away.