Furniture Removal Services

Furniture Removal  Services

IMG_0398For most people getting rid of their old furniture is an intimidating experience. People always tend to call friends for advice or they simply head for the internet to research the topic. In this article we will look at the most common option people take. Namely the furniture removal services most junk removal companies in Vancouver offer. We will examine the benefits and also the mistakes some people make when dealing with these collage hunks hauling junk type of folks.


No couch is timeless. At some point time catches up to old furniture and it is time to haul it away to the dump. If you sofa is in a good condition, you might be able to donate it to a charity. Vancouver is a city where charities in general will stay away from old furniture. They fear bed bug infestation. With few phone calls, you might be able to find one that is willing to take it. Especially if it is in a good condition. If you have a mattress, then it is a different removal service. Mattress removal in Vancouver is a bit more expensive than other furniture pickup jobs. The city of Vancouver forces rubbish disposal businesses to recycle all mattresses and box springs. There is an extra disposal fee for recycling. Also, nearly all donation centers will not take an old or even new mattress.

Some people like to save a little money by dropping their old furniture at the back of their building. In most cases they end up being fined. It is really hard to sneak out big items out of a building without being seen by a neighbor or the building cameras. My advice is not to risk it.

Another option to remove your furniture is to post it for free online. Taking a picture of your sofa might help but in most cases it takes forever to sell it. Even if you offer it for free, it will still take a long time to haul it out of your house. It is a common problem to run into thieves in those online communities. They would come to your house and pretend that they are interested in your office furniture or sofa, but they will just case your place for valuables. You are taking a big risk with this option.

The best way to removal your old furniture is to just call one of the top garbage removal companies in Vancouver and ask them for an appointment. Before you do that, ask them for their furniture removal quote. Describe to them how big your item is and how heavy it is. Keep in mind that companies like 1-800-got-junk is a quality company but they will charge you more money than other smaller rubbish disposal companies in Vancouver. Ask them what kind of payment they take for their moving services. Make sure they have quoted you a final rate before you book an appointment.

Before the college hunks arrive, remove any obstacles that might be on their way. This will allow the folks to move any wide furniture out of your house without damaging your walls. Their trucks are pretty big too so make sure there is an adequate parking room outside your house. If you have office furniture that needs to be removed, ask them to try to donate it to university students. If you think it is usable, recycle it. It will save students lots of money. The less you send to the dump, the better for the environment.