What is a good junk removal business in Vancouver?

Obviously everyone wants to hire the best hauling services for the lowest price possible. However, after running my business for over 10 years, I am starting to believe that these elements of the same element might be contrary in nature. Here is why.

Race to the bottom in junk removal prices

When I started this business, I obviously focused on providing the lowest junk removal rates. However, after a while the long-term business expenses started to show up out of places I did not expect. I had a choice to make. Increase service fees or get out of the junk removal business. I knew that some clients will leave me, if I increase my rates, but I didn’t really have a choice.

Then something interesting happened. Within 6 months, those who had left me, started to call me again. Some did admit hiring other companies, but the experience they had was horrible. This provided me with an explanation as to why so many rubbish removal companies in Vancouver were able to offer such low rates. There were two types that I will discuss in the subsequent sections below.

The innocent ones

Those were the ones who, like me, were ignorant of long-term business expenses. Because they didn’t not include cost realistically into their rates, they could offer low rates. However, they were few months to few years away from going out of business. Whoever managed to snatch one of those guys, was standing to lose them soon as service provider.

The cheaters

Companies of this category would either offer low rates and then increase them by the end when all work is done, or they will simply offer a really bad service. By bad service I mean, being late (or simply not showing up), being rude to clients and negligent to clients’ property.

So naturally, I regained most of the clients that walked away from me. This is what most people don’t realize that when they call a business a “good junk removal business” they mean that which I just described. A business that is able to provide the best services, for the lowest prices as long as the focus on low rates does not change the idea of what really a junk removal service is. Also, this has to be done in a sustainable way, so whenever the client establishes patterns with one junk removal company, it doesn’t have to go through the whole process again, with a new company.

It is a human nature to look for the minimum resistance towards the most pleasure. However, we live in a complex world, and this nature can play against ourselves because we are not able to see the long-term gains from avoiding such inclinations.

I secretly hope that some of my clients who don’t see this as clearly as my best clients see it, will go out there and get some experience with my competition. I say that, because I don’t think my warnings or my words in this article will really make them see certain nuances of the client-company relationship. However, experience with most of my competition will teach them superbly. Then they will comeback to me and let me services them the right way, without any distractions of simplistic nature.