Grandview-woodland junk removal

As the city of Vancouver is growing, an increasing number of people are in need of a good junk removal service. There are many such companies, operating in our city, but not all are up to task of providing a satisfactory hauling services. This page was created for people living in the Grandview-Woodland area. Here they will be able to obtain all the information, they might need on this, not so frequent, but crucial service.

Why hire a junk removal company in Grandview-Woodland area?

The main reason is, because the city of Vancouver would not pick up furniture, or large amounts of garbage. There ware times when, this was provided as a service by the city, but this is not possible any more. Some people would leave their unwanted items at the back of their property, but most of the time, it does not get picked up, and this just invites more rubbish to be accumulated. We have all seen these piles, and they become a problem for the neighbourhood.

What is does a rubbish removal company offer?

Nowadays, a good company will be able to get rid of pretty much any undesirable garbage. They can either hauled away from your driveway, or even come inside your property, and take it out for you. While we are on this point, we should mention that for smaller items, it is better to have them outside your property, since it is more expensive to have rubbish taken out from your property. Just leave the heavy items, and this will save you some money.

Cost of junk removal?

Up to few items, pricing is fairly straight forward. Each item has a rate, and each additional item, will have a discount. For example most furniture items, such as a couch, cost in the range of $80-$90. If you have an additional couch, or a mattress, that will increase the price by only $40-$50.

Larger amounts of junk, will naturally cost more to haul away, but at the same time, will bring you the best price per item. In order to simplify matters, junk removal companies charge around $40 per cubic yard. A cubic yard is 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet are. Therefore, for a 15 cubic yard (this is about 4 pickup trucks), a client should expect a service charge of around $600.

How to find a good junk removal company for the Grandview-Woodland area?

Nowadays, everyone can get flashy website, and put all sorts of claims on it. Mimicking quality service, is not that difficult. Mimicking good manners on the phone, while not impossible, is not as easy. This industry attracts some unpleasant characters, and in many cases, they find it hard to hide their moods while you are on the phone with the, asking questions. Use you judgment, and pay attention to how you are being treated. Ask specific questions, and see if they answer them, or they just dance around them. Comparing price on-line is tricky, because they can be very misleading. For example, some companies have lower prices listed on their site, but they don’t include the dumping fees. This is very unfair practice, and honest companies, are struggling to compete.

How to save on junk removal?

Selling, or giving away your unwanted items, will save you some money, but you will waste too much time, in the process. We always, welcome our clients to try this way, before we pay them a visit. The best way to save money on this service, is to get everything ready for us on the curb or the driveway. Anything that will allow us to load the rubbish fast, will save you money. Basically, pay us only for the things, you can’t do yourself. At the same time, we don’t mind doing all the work. We just like to give our clients a choice.

We hope that this little guide will help you with finding a good junk removal company in Grandview-Woodland area, and we are looking forward your call.