Green waste removal in West Vancouver

junkremovaltruck5Most people would take it as a surprise if they are told that junk removal companies in West Vancouver, don’t just remove garbage, but they are also capable of recycling green waste. This post will guide you through some important facts, and even secrets, stemming from the rubbish removal industry, in relation to green waste disposal. You will also learn, what are the steps you can take, in order to find a reliable service for your needs.

Green waste and junk removal companies

As pointed earlier, we don’t just haul rubbish. The green waste disposal center in North Vancouver, is actually in the same location as where we drop off our garbage. The same equipment and labour skills are required for junk or yard waste. There isn’t really that much of a difference. We can do it for you.

Types of green waste we can remove for you

We can take care of pretty much any type of greens. Branches, leaves, grass, firewood, or other plant material. The only kind we try to stay away from, is dirt and soil. The reason for this is, that these two are extremely heavy, and this is more of a landscaping project, where machinery is required. We are able to shovel it, but this is very inefficient, and expensive way, of using our labour force.

Cost of green waste removal?

For the most part, cost is based on the volume of material, and the labour it requires to load it onto one of our trucks. As a general rule, in our industry, the cost of green waste disposal is around $45 per cubic yard. One yard is a cube with 3 feet each side. Our truck is about 10 cubic yards. Therefore, filling it up half way, would cost around $220.

How about labour cost? For full load, we offer the client 1 hour of free labour. Any extra labour, would cost around $60/h. Full load can be loaded within the free hour, if the pile of your green waste is within 20 feet. This is an average scenario, for each type of greens always comes with a different level of labour difficulty. Some types of branches are easy to grab many of them, on one go, and be moved over large distances in an effortless fashion. Others, require us to move one by one.

Do we recycle green waste?

Yes, we do, and we are very proud of this commitment. The city of West Vancouver, treats all wood matter as green, as long as it doesn’t have any paint on it, or it has not been treated by chemicals.

The size of you items do not really matter, with few exceptions. Our truck box is 12 feet long, which implies that we can only fit that size in it. We can cut longer items, and we do this quite often, but if there are too many items to be cut in half, then you may go over your free hour of labour.

How to find a good junk removal company in West Vancouver?

Our industry has its bad apples, but there isn’t much utility in this topic for you. Lets just move onto the solution. Today, anyone can get a good looking website, and populate it with all sorts of claims of cheap rates, professional services, and speedy delivery. We think, today the consumer is getting smarter about these tactics, and they are looking for different ways in making their choices.

Your best approach would be to speak directly to few companies and try to get a feel to their approach to you. Take what you have read here, in regards to how prices are determined, and especially about scenarios, where you may have to pay extra fees, and ask related questions to the company representatives. If they are honest, they will admit to such scenarios, and would not be afraid to tell you, if your case, seems to be one of those scenarios. However, the ones you should be weary of, will always try to downplay, or completely deny any possibilities. Stay away from that kind.

Here is what the bad kind will try to do. They will throw you are very low rate, so you hire them without hesitation. Once they load everything on their truck, they will start telling you (after the fact) that they forgot to mention that there is an extra fee for this item, and that item. By the time they are done, you will be looking at a final cost, up to 3-4 times of what they have quoted you over the phone.

Professional companies operating in West Vancouver, will either spot such extra fees once you describe to them you scenario, or they will make it clear to you, once they see the green waste in person. However, they will not start loading until they know, and make you aware of the final rate.

How to book an appointment?

The junk removal industry on the North Shore fluctuates in how busy it is. However, most of the green disposal is done in the summer, and this is exactly when most of the junk removal is also carried out. Therefore, if are in need of this service in the summer, plan ahead. Give them a call a week earlier and discuss what you have and they will book you for 2-3 days later, or in some cases, they may service you the next day. However, don’t rely on the latter to much.

Yard waste is diverse in nature, and it is hard to estimate how long each job will take, until the team has seen the actual waste. For this reason, the scheduling is done in such fashion, that each client has a window of 2 hours, that he/she has to be at home, for when the truck comes around. In some cases, you may request that they call you 30 min before they arrive, so this way you can be in the area and take care of other chores, instead of being stuck at your house.

With this, we will complete this post on how to hire a good junk removal company for you green waste. Most of the questions you may have, we are sure have been answered. However, if we are wrong, you are more than welcome to give us a call or emails us. We will be glad to answer them.