Simple guide on junk removal services for Vancouver

Too much junk?

You have bunch of stuff you have no use for anymore, and you need someone to come over, and get rid of them for you. Like most people, you are aware of the junk removal services in Vancouver, but you are not sure how to approach this step. If this is you, this little guide will provide you with the most crucial information you need, before you decide to use this type of service.

How to hire a junk removal company in Vancouver?

The first step is to search online for couple of local hauling companies. The more names you conciser, the higher your chances are to find the best company for your needs. Just let me make a point about the chief mistake people make. They choose to hire the company that provides the cheapest rubbish removal services. This mistakes, ends up costing them dearly. Why is that? Because any company claiming that they can charge such low rates are lying about their prices. They lower rates by hiding other fees associated with their junk removal services. It is that simple.

Contacting disposal companies

Now that you know what to avoid, start calling some of them. This is also very important step. Listen carefully to how you are treated over the phone. The junk removal industry in Vancouver, has the tendency to hire people of the rough kind, and you would do yourself a favor by avoiding these companies. Nine out of ten times, if you have a disrespectful individual on the phone, you will be dealing with the same type of service on the day they show up to do the pick up. I can’t stress this enough.

Scheduling a pick up

During the first conversation, the representative on the phone, will ask you few questions, such as:

  • How much junk do you have?
  • What kind of rubbish? Furniture, renovation waste material, electronics?
  • Where is it on your property? Garage, house, basement, driveway?
  • What is your schedule like this week?

Cost of junk removal in Vancouver?

It is understandable why this question seems to be on the mind of most people. Everyone wants to be charged fairly, and the junk removal services in Vancouver, have not enjoyed a good reputation on this matter. However, let me break down how the pricing system works for most companies.

Single items

For pick ups that are only for 1-2 large items, the rates are very easy to explain. For example, for furniture removal, rates range between $90 and $140. The range is required, since the exact rate depends on where the item is on your property, and what part of the Lower Mainland are you in. Adding few small items to the big item, will not increase the rate by more than $10-$20.

Large volumes of junk price

This is a bit more complex way of establishing rates for junk removal services. If you have more than 1-2 large items, or many small ones, then it is cheaper for the client to pay under the large volume rate.

This is mostly calculated by the amount of room your junk takes when loaded into a truck. Each cubic yard costs anywhere between $40 and $60. The exact rate depends on the weight and type of the items. Also, the price will depend on where the items are on your property, and what part of town are you in.

Lets examine this further.

Most junk removal trucks are about 10 cubic yards. Each yard is 3x3x3 feet. A regular size pickup truck can hold about 2-3 cubic yards. This will give you a better idea of how much junk can one cubic yard hold.

So, lets say that you have 3 cubic yards of general household junk. How much would that cost you? The price will range between $120 and $180.

However, this rate will apply to jobs that involve hauling junk that is easy to access. Lets define what we mean by “easy” to haul. If you have your rubbish on the curb, driveway, garage, or back alley, then this is considered “easy”. As long as the guys can pull their truck within 15-20 feet to where all the items are, you need not worry about extra labour fees.

There are some exceptions, as in the case of when items are larger. For example, one full load of lots of small items, will take longer to load, than one full load of large items, such as couches, or mattresses. One way to avoid the extra labour fees with the small items, is to bag them. Basically, it is about how many trips have to be made between the truck, and where you items are.

Heavy junk

This is another scenario that could cost you additional fees. The landfill charges junk removal companies disposal fees based on weight. The average cost per cubic yard that junk removal companies charge clients, has been established by looking at the average cost for dumping that cubic yard at the city landfill. However, once the weight is of a much heavier nature, there will be additional fees, that can be significant to the disposal company. Hence, the extra disposal fees which are applied to heavy loads.

Now that you are armed with this information, you are ready to make a better decision when hiring a rubbish removal company. We offer such services, and if you make the decision to use them, we can always be reached on 604-910-7549. Shop around and feel free to compare our services to other hauling companies in Vancouver. We like competition, for it makes us better at what we do.