Hauling companies in Vancouver

Junk removal companies provide essential services for Vancouver residents, but information on specifics can be hard to find. This article will shed some light on some of the important aspects of this service.

What can a rubbish removal company do for you?

If you have any items that are of no use to you, and you need them gone, calling a junk removal company would be your best option. They send a big truck and they load and haul away all of your junk to the landfill. It is that simple.

Cost of removing junk?

Cost is simple to estimate for the most part. If you have only one item, such as a couch or a mattress, then the cost of removing it is around $80. If you have more than few items, then rates are related to the volume of your garbage. Most companies will charge you about $50 per cubic yard. If your items are light, then it will be less than that. If they are of the heavy type, such as construction material, then it can be more than $50 per cubic yard.

How to find a reliable junk disposal company in Vancouver?

This is the tricky part. Basically, you need to use your intuition. Don’t be fooled by flashy websites and low rates promises. This is simply an attempt to get you to schedule a pick up and then they will raise the rates the last moment.

It is better to speak personally to someone from this company and analyze how they are carrying themselves over the phone. Put forward some questions regarding extra fees and if they avoid such topics, then you know that they are hiding something. A company with solid business ethics will be upfront about certain circumstances where they may have to charge you more than what they have estimated over the phone. This happens in some cases, due to the fact that it is not always easy the client to explain over the phone the nature of all items that they are getting rid of. When the workers arrive, they could discover some items that carry extra fees, but the point is that they should tell you about it, before they start loading them.

Speak to them personally, and try to gate what sort of a service you are dealing with. With some garbage removal companies it is very easy to ignore them, because they are simply rude over the phone, and we don’t need to tell you, as to why you don’t want to hire them.

Now you are equipped with enough information to go out there and find a good service to haul away your junk. If you have any questions, feel free to call us, or email us.