Why hire junk hauling company?

IMG_0398The answer may not seem obvious at this point, but I promise you that by the time you are done reading this page, you will be fully convinced of the merits of hiring a junk removal company in Vancouver.

What does junk removal company do?

This type of service will come to your house and pick up all the rubbish and garbage that you have acquire throughout the years at your house. They have big trucks and are equipped with the knowledge of how to get rid of rubbish. Some people try to do it themselves, but they find it hard to keep up with all the ever changing rules and regulations of Vancouver.

Benefits of using junk removal company?

The main benefit is that your free yourself of things you don’t need. However, lets take this concept a bit further. Your house looks much bigger and recently we have noticed that more real estate agents are hiring this service in order to sell a house faster. Like we said, the less you have in a house, the bigger the property looks.

Moving expenses

How often do you move to a new place only to find out that you have paid for some items to be moved that should have been taken to the dump? This happens more often than you think. I had personally had few clients that paid over $4000 to movers and few weeks later call me to throw away ¼ of it. They never got around to decide what to keep and what to get me to throw away for them, so when the moving day arrived, they were too busy to deal with that issue. In all of those cases the junk removal rate was close to $1200. Start early and your savings will not be insignificant.

There is another benefit that I bet you did not suspect at all. Once you start digging in the old boxes of junk, you will start finding things that you lost some time ago. Even things you didn’t know you had. Think of it as an inventory of your house. If you don’t believe me, open few boxes and watch how you will start finding items you forgot about or didn’t know you had them.

Another hidden benefit is the fact that you spend money to throw away junk. Yes, this actually is a benefit if you look at it on a philosophical way. Next time you decide to buy something that you may or may not need, you will remember how you had to pay a junk removal company to pick up something last time you thought you may need it. I say this from personal experience. Because of what I have seen in this business, I have 25% of the possessions I used to have 5 years ago.

Therefore, I hope that my article will allow you to see the benefits of hiring this type of service. We are in the business of making people’s houses bigger! Don’t hesitate to call us and get us to free you of rubbish in your life.