How to hire junk removal company in Arbutus Ridge?

20150129_100630If you are reading this article, you most likely have some garbage that you don’t know how to get rid of it. You have come to the place, where you will find all the answers you need for hiring a good junk removal company in Vancouver.

Junk removal services – what are they?

This type of hauling service, will help you get rid of almost any unwanted rubbish, that is on your property. There are few prohibited materials that need special care, but you need not worry about this, for this is very rare to have in your house.

Cost of junk removal services in Arbutus Ridge

The cost of junk removal in Arbutus Ridge is of a simple nature. If you have one item, such as a couch or any other type of furniture, then the hauling rates are simple to understand. For example a couch removal cost around $80, and a mattress removing will cost you close to $90. Every additional item will be half a price, up to 2-3 items.

Large pick ups

If your pile of rubbish is more than 2-3 items, then cost is calculated differently. You actually get a better deal this way. The cost of hauling services in Vancouver is based mostly on weight and labour effort. Speaking to clients in form of weight can be confusing, so it is better if rates are associated with volume of the total garbage picked up.

Size of garbage trucks

In our industry the cost of removing large amounts of junk is around $50 per cubic yard. One cubic yard is a cube 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet. Most disposal trucks are around 10 cubic yards, so you may see pricing systems that list the different ratios of the truck. For example ¼ of a truck would be around 2.5 cubic yards, so the corresponding price will be $130. Half a load would be $250, and so on.

Cost of extra labour

If you have a full load, the cost would be around $450-$500. This includes 1 hour of free labour. In some cases, the items are very far from the truck, or are difficult to get out of the house, and in such instances, more than an hour will be required to be loaded onto the truck. Any additional hour, will cost the client anywhere between $30-$60 per hour.

How to save money on hauling services?

The most effective way to save on junk removal cost is to have all your items at the curb, or anywhere where the truck can park. The driveway, or the garage are good places to have everything ready for us. If you have lots of little items in a big pile, it can be very time consuming to load them onto our truck. If you think, that it will take us more than and hour for a full load, then to avoid extra labour fees, have the items bagged.

How to hire a good hauling service?

There are many companies that are providing this type of service, but not all are good. Most have good looking websites and they would put any claims online, just so they can lure customers their way. Avoid comparing services by rates. Rates are hard to compare, because some companies do not include all the charges, and this makes their rates attractive.

Naturally, you should stay clear of the two extremes. Too low or too high of a price is not where you want to go. Too low of a rate is a reason for suspicion. Either they are dishonest and later they will hit you with extra fees, or they are honest in their rates, but the service will be very unreliable. The latter are known to not even show up for appointments.

Calling companies and asking them questions related to information you just read about, is a good way to judge a company. In this article you read about the different circumstances under which you may have to pay extra fees. A dishonest company will try to avoid giving you answers to questions pertaining to such circumstances. Another strategy would be to deny that there are any circumstance under witch the cost could increase. Avoid such companies.

Why pay a bit more on junk removal services in Arbutus Ridge?

Because you are establishing a relationship with the same team. Keep in mind that you are letting these people on your property. They enter you house and you need them to be professional. This is not to say that, cheaper services are not offered by professional people. There are some, but it is rare.

Scheduling a pick up

This is the final step. As a general rule, try to give the guys 2-3 days advance notice. This way they can include you in their next visit to Arbutus Ridge. If they have to come to your part of town, just for your load, it is only natural for them to charge you more. Therefore, unless it is urgent, don’t expect them to come on the same day, or even the next day, unless you are willing to pay extra.

You will be given a choice of few days and time of the day, to choose from. Usually it is a 2-3 hour window. On the day of the pick up, they will come by and take a final look at what you have, and let you know if there are some items that may increase the total service charge. Then they will load everything, and be on their way.

With this we will conclude our article on how to hire a good company for junk removal in Arbutus Ridge. If you have any questions, drop us a line, or call us. We can answer any of your questions.