How to hire junk removal company in Dunbar area?

Dunbar Junk Removal

This article will assist you in finding reliable and professional rubbish removal company in Dunbar area. I will walk you through the main aspects of this service, and by the time you are finished reading this page, you will be armed with enough information to make the best decision on who to hire.

Services that Vancouver junk removal companies offer

If you have items that you don’t need any more, and you are not able to put them in your trash can, then you need a junk removal company to haul it away for you . The industry has its own terminology, that describes their main services. Here is a list of the most important ones:

  • Household junk removal
  • Electronics and large appliances recycling
  • Green waste removal and recycling
  • Furniture removal and disposal
  • Mattress removal
  • Couch removal
  • Construction and renovation material disposal

Naturally, some of these terms overlap with other services, but the list will help you determine if you can find a solution in hiring a hauling company.

Good vs Bad junk removal service

Most people living in the Dunbar area of Vancouver, have a specific reason to live there. If they demand quality from their neighborhood, they would also expect the same from services provide to them. Therefore, they naturally lean towards emphasizing on the quality of junk removal service.

However, the ways by which clients from Dunbar can tell a good from bad hauling company are not always working. The main reason behind this issue, is that today it is easy and affordable for anyone to get a professionally looking website, and populated it with promises of quality services. Read on, and I will show you how to avoid this issue.

Empty promises

In our industry it is quite common to have the good old strategy of “bait and switch”. A given company will offer low rates for a service. The client will hire them, with the idea that they have been offered great savings. However, after all the junk is loaded, unforeseen circumstances double, or even triple the rates.

The main strategy a company with such low business ethics, relies on the fact that most clients do not want to repeat the whole precess of looking for another disposal company. It is not not uncommon for the client to take a day off work, so he can be at home for the hauling company.

So, how to tell if you are dealing with a problematic rubbish removal company?

It basically requires from you to be pay more attention to the way you are being treated, while in contact with the company you are considering to hire. It also requires you to know some basics about this business, which you will have, once you finish this article.

Contacting a junk removal company

One you are on the phone with them, pay attention to how you feel about that first contact. For the most part, the nature of bad disposal companies is that they don’t even care to pretend to be nice to you. This is not to say that bad companies are not smart enough to hire a sweet talker on the phone, but most of them don’t care to do so.

Ask questions

We will provide you with specific information, that you will need for those questions, but for now remember this. The general rule is that dishonest hauling companies will avoid talking about additional fees. Not all clients have the same complexity of needs, and some will carry additional fees, which are not reflected in the average rates that companies post. Later in this article, you will be presented with specifics, once we cover how rates are established in Vancouver, and specifically the Dunbar area. However, if they look for ways to avoid such questions, you should suspect that they are hiding something.

Junk removal rates

This section will cover how services are priced, which will allow you to get a better idea of what you budget should be.

Disposal rates fall into two categories. Small and big jobs. In the next two sections, we will examine both.

Small pick ups

These are the easiest to price. For example the cost for couch removal is in the range of $90. Adding items of similar size, will only cost about $50 on top. Naturally, smaller items will cost less. Most furniture removal cost is in that range. If you keep in adding items, then it is more economical for you to pay per volume, which gets us into the big jobs category.

Big junk removal jobs

After you have more than 2-3 items, the prices is based, for the most past, on volume. Most garbage removal companies have trucks that are 2-3 times bigger, than an average size pickup truck. However, to simplify matters, lets use a pickup truck as measuring unit. The average price for removing enough junk to fill up a pickup truck, is around $150-$200. This should include all labour, dumping fees and other cost. The most common way to take advantage of unsuspecting customers, is to advertise prices that don’t include the disposal fees.

Additional Cost to rubbish removal services in Vancouver

The rates that we talked about are based on average weight of items, and acceptable labour hours put into loading them. Unless you have construction material, or other really heavy items, you need not worry about such extra fees.

As for the extra labour cost, most hauling companies in Dunbar area offer free labour, up to a reasonable point. For example, if you have your pile of junk within 20-30 feet, it will not take more than 30 min to load it into a pickup truck. However, this is the main point that we are trying to make about the difference between good and bad services. A honest company will let you know in advance, if the specifics of you project, may bring some extra fees. They will even tell you how to avoid them.

Now that you are armed with this information, you are ready to make an educated judgment when hiring a junk removal service in Dunbar. If we have not answered some questions you may have, feel free to call us. We have answers for you!