How to hire junk removal company in Kerrisdale – Vancouver

Hauling services seem like a very straightforward activity, but this almost never ends up being the case. In this article we will examine what are the reasons for such a unpleasant reputation most junk removal companies have, and how you can avoid dealings of this sort.

What can rubbish removal do for you?

At some point, we all end up with items that have no use for us anymore, and all they do is take precious space. In the last few years I have noticed that people are starting to value their space more than before. Most western societies are adopting the philosophy of “less is more”, and as a consequence, many of my clients take real pleasure after they clean up even just a single room, or part of the garage. This is what really the hauling business can do for you. Naturally, there are other benefits, such as when you are renovating, but the main one is to get rid of clutter in your house.

Cost of junk removal in Kerrisdale

The simplest way to understand how pricing on this service works, is to think of small and big jobs. Small pick ups consist of few items. Each large items, such as a couch, will carry a charge of $90. Adding more of similar size, will increase the rate by about 50%.

Lets look at a hypothetical example. You have an old couch and you are wondering, how much would a sofa removal cost? This will cost you $90, as we stated earlier. However, you have sectional so you have another 2 seater. What would the total cost be? The 2nd item, of similar size, would be an additional $50.

If you keep on adding furniture for disposal, then we will price the service based on volume. It is much cheaper this way, per item, since the basic expenses we have are not divided between more items. Each cubic yard averages a charge of $50 per cubic yard. To visualize what a cubic yard is, a a regular size pickup truck can hold about 3 cubic yards of garbage.

How to hire a professional junk removal company in Vancouver?

So, now to the main question. How to avoid the bad experience associated with hiring junk removal companies with questionable business practices? The first thing you need to understand is, that today it is very easy to create a good image in the form of a professional-looking website. Therefore ignore such signs.

The bad players have the tendency to be arrogant and they leave little sings of what they are really about. The easy one is to be rude to their clients over the phone. This is something I don’t need to teach you about. However I keep on getting clients with horror stories who tell me that they should have never book an appointment, after the other company was unpleasant over the phone. For some reason, the client had the hope that the service will be any different.

The real trick is to ask some important questions on information that I will provide you with in this article, in regards to extra fees. By the time you are done reading my guide, you will be able to create some probing questions, and if they dance around them, then you know that they are trying to lie to you. So, what are those questions? Please read on…

Extra labour and dumping fees

The $50 per cubic yard that we talked about, is simply an average. I would say that about 90% of my clients do not have to worry about extra fees, but the rest have the type of rubbish, which requires my company to charge them extra, if I want to continue being in business. Since disposal companies pay fees at the city landfill based on weight, much heavier than average garbage will cost them more. It can be almost twice as much, depending on the type of waste.

For example a cubic yard of tiles, or other renovation heavy material, can be 3-4 times heavier than regular household garbage, such as furniture. In such cases, whoever is giving you estimations over the phone, should warn you that the $50 per cubic yard, will not be enough.

There are times, when the client has junk which is very time consuming to take out of his property. In such cases, extra fees for labour are added. It can be as high as $60 per hour.

When comparing prices, also keep in mind that some companies don’t add the dumping and labour fees to their total rates. For reasons I don’t need to go into, you can understand why they engage in such unfair strategy.

I am sure that all the above information is already giving you some ideas for questions you need to ask, for the purpose of building a realistic budget, and to also test the honesty of the company. I have noticed that the tricky vendors will always try to deny that there are any additional charges, until they have loaded everything in their truck and then demand that you pay the extra, since they have already done the work. Below I will list some questions that you can ask, and if they try to convince you that they your circumstances will not carry any extra fees, then you know you need to hire someone else.

  • I have renovation heavy garbage. Are there any extra dumping fees for this?
  • My garbage is in the basement and it is 50 feet away from the curb. Will that cost me more in labour?
  • My rubbish is all over my property. Do you charge extra to gather it?

You get the idea.

There are some little new starters who could ignore such extra costs to the company, and they may not charge you for it, but they won’t be around for long, for they cannot be profitable, if they ignore reality. You may not care, since all you want is for your rubbish to be hauled away, but there is an important point I would like to make. It is best to find a junk disposal company in Vancouver that you can trust and you know how it operates. Otherwise, every time you need this service, you will be repeating the whole search process, and every time you will be hoping that they can deliver on their promises.