How to hire a junk removal company in Vancouver?

You house if getting more and more cluttered with junk that you don’t need, but you are not sure what is the best course of action to take. You know that junk removal companies are the best option, but you have no idea what to expect from this type of service. If this is you, or partially you, this article will be very useful for you.

Junk removal services

The city of Vancouver provides garbage pickup services, but they are not intended for large volumes of rubbish, or nor would they help you with getting rid of large items, such as furniture. This is the reason why private rubbish removal industry exists in Vancouver to begin with.

How to find a good hauling company?

Online is the best place to search for this service. Make a list of 5 companies and do your research. Professional looking websites are not always going to connect you with a good service. Getting a good looking website is easy and affordable, and some bad companies are taking advantage of this fact. Therefore, a bit more work has to be done, before you make your final choice. Calling them, would be your best option. Speaking to them will give you chance to feel how they conduct themselves, and especially how they answer some questions. Ask about extra fees, and if you feel that they are avoiding those questions, then you may want to move onto another company.

Big vs Small operators

Most of the time, the big companies will provide a good service, but their prices are on the high end. The really small operators will be cheaper, but they are not very reliable. Try to find the meddle ground, but stay alert with them too. Ask questions and you will end up hiring a good junk removal company.

How to hire a disposal company?

Call them and describe what you have. They will give you an estimation over the phone and book you on their next run in your area. Usually, the wait will not be more than a week. If you need your rubbish gone sooner, then you may have to pay more, since they have to send a big truck, just one pickup.

Cost of junk removal

The rates are based on weight, volume, and labour cost. Single items are easy to price, since most are around the $80 mark. After few items, the cost is calculated mostly on volume. For example 5 cubic yards are around $200. Labour cost can be added if your items are too hard to get to, because of access conditions or distance that have to be carried over. All these particulars can be discussed with the company, prior to booking your appointment. This way, you can budget this project .

Follow these few points, and you will enjoy your relationship with the junk removal companies and save some money in the process.