Hiring junk removal company vs Do-It-Yourself

It is not uncommon for people to try to save some money by getting rid of their own rubbish instead of hiring a junk removal company. It is a learning experience but it doesn’t work for everyone the same way. Here we will examine the pros and cons of doing junk removal yourself.

Junk removal rates

This is the main reason most people would take on the task of getting rid of their garbage instead of hiring a professional company. A full load of rubbish can cost as much as $500. It is obvious why some people might get interested in the idea of avoiding a professional hauling service.

Transporting your junk

The main requirement is in having a way of hauling away all that garbage. If you have a pickup truck, then you are there most of the way. Find where the local landfill is and give them a call to see when they are open and what items will they take. When you are there, watch out for nails. Usually these places are full of nails and you can easily get a flat tire.

Rent a truck for rubbish removal

20140222_123315If you don’t, then you will have to rent one. Renting a truck is not as cheap as advertised. With the insurance and other charges, it comes to $90/day. It is good idea not to tell the rental company that you will be using the truck for hauling garbage. They may not like that idea. That means, before you return it, wash it if you have been transporting smelly garbage.

Disposal rates

Disposal rates are based on the weight of the garbage. Some items such as a mattress or drywall carry additional recycling fees that are added on top of the dumping fees. If you have wet garbage, drying it up before taking it to the dump will save you money. Why spend more on dumping water.

Time and labour

Be prepared to take some time of your day. Depending on how much rubbish you have, you may have to invest few hours to load it and take it to the dump. You may have to visit few different places because some material is not accepted at all in the city landfill.

When should you hire a junk removal company?

The junk removal industry has many rules that are not that easy to learn. You can get in trouble trying to dispose of junk that does not belong to the landfill. You will be hit with a fine if this happens. If your time is valuable, then better hire someone else. You might save $100-$200 but you will spend half of your day in labour and driving. When making your choice keep these facts in mind.

Therefore, hiring a company or doing it yourself depends on what is more valuable to your. Your money or time.