Hiring junk removal company in Vancouver

By the time you are done reading this article, you will be fully equipped with all the knowledge required for hiring a reliable junk removal services. Getting your rubbish hauled away in Vancouver seems like a simple tasks, but if you lack some basic facts about this industry, you will be taken advantage of, for this type of service is known for making victims of their clients.

Cost of junk removal?

This is not the most important question, but we decided to start with this one, so it would not be on our client’s mind, while are covering some of the more important details.

In cases when the client has only one item to dispose of, the cost of hauling it away is usually in the range of $80 per item. Lets take for instance the cost of couch removal, which is $80. What if the client has a 2nd couch, or an another similar in size object? What would the total rate be? Each hauling operator has a different way of pricing their services, but most fall within the following rule. Each additional item would be about half the price of the first one. In the case of a couch and dining table, the total rate would be close to $120.

Large order will be more expensive naturally, but the good news is that the client is getting a better price per item. However, pricing services based on how many items need to be hauled away is a bit problematic, since some items can be much smaller than other items. Therefore, larger pick ups are priced per cubic yard.

The average cost of rubbish removal in Vancouver is about $45-$50 per cubic yard. Each yard is 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet. A pickup truck for example can hold around 3 cubic yards. Most waste management companies in Vancouver operate 10 cubic yard trucks. The cost of a full truck is anywhere between $400 and $500, depending on the vendor and the type of garbage.

If the client happens to have less than a full truck, then he would pay based on the ratio his trash takes in the truck. In the case of ½ of a load, the cost of junk removal would be $200-$250.

Lets look at one example. Lets say the client has enough household junk to fill up half of a 10 cubic yards, and then he adds a mattress and a box spring. The total charge will be $250 for the half-load, plus $30 for each mattress and boxspring. The total cost will be $310.

Junk removal quotes and scheduling

Most trash removal companies in Vancouver should be able to give you an estimation over the phone. Just describe what you have in general terms and how much do you have. You don’t have to describe every single small item. Just the general character of the pile. Is it mostly household junk? Does it have any heavy material such as tiles, or concrete?

Once the costumer representative gets a good idea of the general character of your rubbish, he will provide you with a quote. Based on how busy they are, he will offer you few options of dates and hours, at which they can send the truck to pick up your garbage.

Once they show up, they will take a final look and will tell you if there are any adjustments to the rate. This is not to say that they are trying to change the deal, for it is really hard to price things before everything can be seen. However, cost should not go up by too much, unless you have failed to mention that you have some really heavy material or few mattresses.

With this we will complete this article on hiring good junk removal companies in British Columbia. Feel free to ask us any questions in regards to the trash removal industry.