Hiring a junk removal company in Vancouver – what you should know

This article will not tell you how to find the best junk removal companies but it will show you which ones to avoid. There is plenty of material on the topic of what are the best companies in Vancouver but there isn’t much on which companies you should stay away from. Here, we will attempt to show the reader what are some of the dangers associated with certain type of vendors operating in Vancouver and on the North Shore.

First, let us examine the issues with hiring most of the companies advertising on craigslist. This website is an important source for clients to most decent rubbish removal companies and we are not suggesting that those companies are the problem. The issues come from the typical guy with a truck advertising on Craigslist in order to get some cash on the weekend. There are few major complications with these types of services. Don’t get lured with the cheap service because this is what you will really get at the end if you get it at all.

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Yes, one of the biggest problem with these guys is that they don’t show up most of the time. Our company keeps on getting their victims. Here is the scenario. A client has to vacate a property and whatever the moving company has not picked, it has to be hauled to the landfill. The client hires the cheapest guy online and after spending half of the day at home waiting, realizes that something is not right. Repeated calls to the hired guy are not returned. Eventually, we get a call with the question if we can do a job within few hours. Sometimes, the client is lucky  if we have a slow day but in many cases we could not help.

The other issue with really cheap hauling services is that these guys pick up anything and then they walk into your home with the same shoes. Our company refuses to work with bedbugs for obvious reason. However, there is another reason too. We don’t want to take those bedbugs to the next property we service. These little creatures can stick to clothes and shoes. However, the cheap service online will deal with any kind of junk and they don’t care if they are spreading infestations to other clients.

Would you let any stranger into your home? We already know the answer to that. Why is it any different when letting people in your house to remove items, for hours in some cases. There is a scam taking place on Craigslist. An individual will pretend that he is interested in what you are selling  only. He will arrive and case your house for possible source of valuable items. What is the best way to gain access to someone’s home than to spend few hours clearing the house from rubbish?

The final potential issue is one of the most costly. One of the reasons really cheap junk removal companies can have such low rates is that they don’t follow the rules of where the different types of junk has to go. We’ve had many commercial clients who had on multiple occasions junk dump at night by someone. We are not talking about a single couch or couple of bags. Those were always big cleanups. Here is the real issue for a client who hires a company that dumps illegally. There is most likely personal bills in that garbage and it is easy to link the whole activity to the original owner. That could bring to the client legal issues. If the illegal dumping is on city grounds, then the city will hit the clients with an enormous fine as well besides the cleanup cost.

Therefore, try finding a company that is not too expensive but at the same time it has a professional conduct and identity.