Hot Tub Removal Services for Vancouver

If you have an old hot tub that needs to be hauled away or replaced, let our rubbish removal team do it for you. We also provide a licensed electrician and plumber, who will completely disconnect your hot tub from the grid and the plumbing.
Hot tubs can be quite bulky and heavy and in most cases they have to be cut into smaller pieces. The labor can be anywhere between 2-4 hours. The interior of the hot tub is very soft but the exterior is made of hard wood and fiber glass. The soft interior also is full of plastic pipes that needs to be cut. The hot tub is also quite heavy. For this particular hot tub that is seen in the pictures and videos below, we estimated that it had a total weight of 400 kg.

Cost of hot tub safe disconnection, cutting, removal and disposal range from $600-$800.


In general we get most of our hot tub removal from North Vancouver and West Vancouver.


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