Household junk removal for West Side

WestVanYou live on the West Side in Vancouver, and you need to declutter your house. However, you have no experience with hiring a junk removal company, and you are a bit hesitant to do so. This article will help you get all the information you may need in order to finish this project.

What can a rubbish removal company do for you?

The short answer is that they can make your house look and feel bigger. However, if this is not enough, lets examine some of the details.

They will come in and remove almost anything you may want to throw away. Household rubbish, garbage, renovation and construction material, furniture, large appliances, electronics, recyclables, and so many other items that are too many to list here.

Cost junk removal on the West Side

Across Vancouver, most hauling companies will have similar rates, but also many will be on the low and high extremes. You need to watch out for these extremes. Too low of a rate, and you should be getting a bad service, if they decide to even honer the appointment and show up. Too high, and you will taken for a ride.

So, what rates are acceptable? As a general rule, if you have a household junk and it can all fit onto one pickup truck, then this can cost you around $200. Most hauling companies operate trucks that are much bigger. So a full load is between $400-$500. However, if you have less than that, you will not be paying for a full load.

What if you only have one item, such as an old couch or a mattress? Single items range around $90.

How to hire a good junk removal service in Vancouver?

My first advice is to ignore that fact that a company has a good looking website. Today, it is fairly cheap to get one for under $100. Focus on the customer service , as a first step. Talk to them on the phone and get a good feel as to who you are dealing with. Below, I will cover some scenarios, under which you have to pay extra fees, and if a company claims otherwise, then you know that they are lying to you.

Look for the reviews on google. Some of these companies are very easy to spot as the bad apples. It is as if they don’t care that their rating is 2 out of 10. Obviously, I don’t need to tell you to stay away from such type of management.

Extra fees

Under some circumstance, you will have to pay extra fees. For example, if you leave your furniture outside on the rain, it will be much heavy by the time the guys come to pick it up. Extra weight, may cost you 20% more.

Related to the previous scenario is one when you have heavy items, such as tiles, or other construction material. The extra weight, will cost you more than the above stated $400-$500 per full load. Rubbish removal companies in British Columbia have to pay disposal fees, based on weight, for the most part. However, keep in mind, that most of the household junk, is of an average weight.

Extra labour is the other element that could increase the cost of this service. For example, If you have a full load of rubbish, you get about 1 hour of free labour. Any extra time spend on the job, will cost you more in labour hours. However, the first free hour of labour is more than enough to load one full load, if your items are within 30 feet of the truck. This is why, it is a good idea to have your rubbish close to the driveway, in the garage or close to the curb.

I hope that this article has provided you with useful information on the junk removal services on the West Side in Vancouver.