Household rubbish removal for Point Grey

Welcome to our junk removal services for household items. Here you will find all the information you need prior to hiring our services.

What household items do we remove?

In short, anything that you find in your house. However, here is a list which covers the most common items people from Vancouver hire us to haul away:

  • Couch
  • Mattress and box spring
  • Small and big appliances
  • Clothes
  • Electronics
  • Toys
  • Green Waste
  • Food Waste
  • BBQ
  • Propane tanks
  • Books
  • Cardboard
  • Recyclables

If you don’t see your items in the general list, ask us on specifics.

Cost of junk removal for Point Grey

Cost for single items is pretty straight forward. For example, couch disposal on the west side and point grey is in the range of $90. A mattress removal and most large furniture disposal fees are carrying similar rates.

If you need us to haul away larger volumes of rubbish, then rates are determined mostly by how much your items fill up our truck. The more volume you have, the more value you get for your money.

How to book an appointment?

Our process is easy and friendly. It takes less than 2 min to complete the booking. We may need you to answer some simple questions such as:

  • How much and what kind of junk do you have?
  • Where is it on your property?
  • What days an hour are good for us to come by?

These questions will allow us to determine what is the best way to service you, and to provide you with cost estimation.

Feel free to contact us on the form below or by placing a call to 604-910-7549

    Why hire our services?

    This is what separates us from the rest of the junk removal industry in Vancouver:

    • You will work with people who have a common sense and know that politeness is not just for show. It has genuine rewards only when it is genuine.
    • We will do what we have promised to do.
    • We will be upfront with regard to potential extra fees.
    • If we cannot assist you with the disposal of “special” materials, we will offer you suggestions.
    • Your neighbour will ask you if you can provide him with our business information. We treat your neighbours with respect if they need us to move our truck or address any issues they might have with our work on your property.

    What to expect when we arrive?

    We will take one last look and confirm what it will take to complete your project. Then we will start loading the garbage onto our truck. On average jobs take between 30 minutes and 1-2 hours to complete. Then we will haul some of it to the city landfill and the rest to recycling facilities. We accept all types of payments, accept debit. Invoicing and receipt is issued  if requested.

    Do we recycle?

      Yes we do. With every passing years, what we drop at the dump is decreasing in volume. We recycle the following materials and items:

      • Cardboard and paper
      • Mattress and box spring
      • Couch (with additional fee)
      • Green waste
      • Paint
      • Metal
      • Electronics
      • Large and small appliances