Household rubbish from West Vancouver

My favorite place to offer my junk removal services is in West Vancouver. That is not to say that I am not looking forward providing my services to other areas of the Greater Vancouver Area but the North Shore has always been easy to access and parking is almost never an issue. In other parts of town we quite often have to deal with traffic and parking issues.

This particular garbage pick up as for some household junk that was collected in the garage. The address was around 21st street in West Vancouver. For obvious privacy concerns I cannot be more specific really as you all understand. There was a little bit a traffic in the morning on the Second Narrows bridge but that didn’t delay us more than 5 min. The weather also was pretty good considering the weather in our city.

junk removal in West VancouverFrom the phone conversation the client has informed us that the junk is in the garage at the back of the house. We entered the street but there ware two cars parked at the back and there was no way for us to pass between them. He had to reverse and approach the street from the other end.

By the time we parked the client had the garage opened and she showed us the garbage. She had 2 piles of items and the quote of $140 was going to cover what needed to be hauled away. She had some cardboard, old plant pots, some boxes, little bit of electronics and some other rubbish. We started to load but as the client saw how much better her garage looked without the clutter, she decided to get rid of some old firewood and construction junk. This was of the heavy type so we had to take the price up to $160 which naturally we told her in advance. She agreed to it and we took about 10 min to load it. All the wood was under 6 feet so we didn’t need to cut it to smaller sizes. At the North Shore Transfer Station, the rule for non-recyclable material is that it cannot be over 6 feet long. Most of the construction wood is treated so junk removal companies in West Vancouver have to cut it down to smaller pieces. If there are few, this is not an issue, but in many cases clients have a whole pile of them and this can be very labour intensive. In those cases we add some extra fees on top.Some of the junk in the garage

We drove to the city landfill and luckily for us there was no lineup. We managed to get in and out in a timely fashion. The dumping fees were not that high since most of the items were light in nature. The cardboard and electronics were taken to recycling.