How to get rid of a couch in Vancouver

No matter how good a couch has been to us, at some point it gets too old and it needs to be disposed of. It has been many years since a couch could be left outside with the garbage and to be expected for the city to pick it up. That will get you a big fine with the city or a talk with your landlord. If the couch is too old and no one would be interested in taking it, call a junk removal company operating in Vancouver and they will get rid of your couch. These companies would have two different rates. Taking the couch outside of your house will save some money. You have to decide if you want to save the money and deal with taking the couch yourself to the street. Calling your friends to help you is a good idea.
Renting a truck to dispose of your sofa is not a good idea. In most cases you will spend more money hauling it to the dump than if you hire a rubbish disposal company to do it for you. Renting trucks is not as cheap as advertised in Vancouver. If you have your own transportation that can handle the couch, you can take it to the dump but the savings will be very minimum. If you time is expensive, don’t do it.
Sometimes, we get rid of a perfectly good couch. Where can we take it to? Most people think that charities will take them with open arms. This is not the case. Vancouver has a big bed bug problem and every used furniture item is a suspect in this city. You can try to give it away to a friend but the problem with this step is that often friends change their minds and on the day your new couch is delivered, they tell you the news. The other issues is that often they don’t have the appropriate transportation and finding one is taking a long time. Therefore my advice is to call a waste management company and let them get rid of your sofa.
Here are few things you can do so the job is done faster and without any damage to your house.
If the couch is outside and it is raining, cover it with something so it does not get wet. The hauling businesses get charged at the dump based in weight. Giving them a wet and heavy furniture will cost you more money. Do the little step and less money will leave the house.
The guys will need to park close to your place. Reserve some parking on the street for them. Making them happy will allow them to give you better deals if you call them regularly. They will remember you that your pickups are easy.
Remove any obstacles on the path that the furniture will be taken out. This step will also assure that there is no damage done to your other furniture in your apartment. Avoid doing it when they arrive. Do it before they start moving the couch. This includes paintings on the wall. Anything that might get damaged by carrying furniture around should be moved.
Final step that can be done is to remove the legs of the couch. Often, if the couch cannot fit through the doorway it is because the legs are too big. The legs are also to be blamed for scratching the walls. Sofa is a soft furniture in most cases. It is rare for it to scratch the paint of the walls. It is the legs that are doing it. Remove them and you will minimize the damage. If it is a sofa-bed, let the junk removal guys know about that. They are much heavier and they should be prepared to deal with it.