Junk Removal companies in Vancouver

20131228_104018Like it, or not, as some point, you will need to hire a junk removal company, operating in Vancouver, and you will, most likely, find yourself in the land of the confused information. This article, will attempt, to provide you with the required information, for the times, when this services becomes a necessity.

Why do, we need rubbish removal companies in Vancouver? You probably, already suspect what the answer is, for you are looking at the evidence, every week, when the garbage day comes. We, as tax-payers, are not allowed to throw anything that is too big in size, or quantity. These limitations, are the reason, why the hauling business, even exists today.

What to expect from these guys with big trucks? Very simple. If you have something, that the city of Vancouver, will not pick up with your household garbage, the junk removal companies, can do it for you. They know , how to sort it, and where to take it to. The latter function, is quite often, underestimated, by some of my clients, and this gets them in trouble, in most cases. However, I welcome, such adventures, because they show my clients, why they are charged for my services. It is a win-win situation, because they have an adventure, that they can joke about later, and at the same time, they don’t feel, that next time, when they pay me for a service, they are throwing money for nothing.

Junk removal cost?

Most of you,probably were wondering, why I didn’t start with this question. Well, it may sound crazy to you, but this is not the most important question. If you focus too much on this part of the service, you will probably , get the wrong guys to services you.

There are two types of pick ups. Small jobs, involve just few items, and they can range anywhere between $80 and $150. Common example, for a small job, would be a couch, or a mattress. These types of services, are pretty straight forward, and most hauling companies, will have clear pricing for single items.

Bigger jobs are priced based on the amount of garbage they have to haul to the dump. Naturally, there are few details, that could change pricing, but for a full load of 10 cubic yards, the price can range between $350 and $450. If, your rubbish, is hard to get to, or has to be carried over 20-30 feet, then labour cost will be added. Having extremely heavy garbage, will also increase the total cost, since companies, dispose of items, at the dump, where they get charge for the weight. Use furniture, as an average weight, when trying to determine, if your garbage is too heavy.

There are some types of garbage, that might carry extra fees, because it has to be recycled. For example, the city of Vancouver, imposes recycling fee for each mattress and box spring. Drywall, is another example, of costing more, due to higher disposal fees at the landfill.

How to find a good junk removal company in Vancouver?

I would like, again, to stress out the importance not to make pricing, your top criteria, when choosing the right company. Find the cheapest and best company. Here is my simple, and mostly correct, observation, from being in this industry for so many years. The really cheap companies, are there to trick you. The really expensive companies, provide good service, but they are overpriced and have their own form of dishonesty in the way they treat clients. Always, call and talk to them. If you get any rude comments, don’t bother with them. With the really polite, customer representatives, watch out for vague promisses, and sings of avoiding certain answers, that you are looking for.

My hope is that, with this article, you will be better prepared, next time when you need a junk removal service. This topic is vast, and covering it all , in one article is pointless. You will find, the rest of the information, on my website. Good luck!