Junk removal company accused of overcharging customers

When I read this accusation, I knew exactly what has taken place. This is an issue that has been escalating as a practice with many junk removal companies, but eventually a solution will be found. The first step that has to be taken is to educate customers in Vancouver, on the nature of the hauling services and how to avoid bad junk removal companies.

The main issue with the rubbish disposal industry is that customers are lured with low cost services that never end up costing that little. It is an old trick that keeps on working for some reason. The client is not really to blame, for every person wants to get the best deal. However, my advice to you is to suspect this desire and become more realistic about the old saying “Too good to be true”.

This is how the game is played. A junk removal company advertises a rate of $100 for half a load, while the average rate for the rest of the companies is $200. The client makes the obvious choice without seeing the trap. The junk is loaded in the truck and then he is told that the total price is $300. The client objects and he is told that the $100 quote did not include the dumping fees and labour. It only represented the transportation of the junk to the landfill. There are many different stories that can be added to excuse and if this doesn’t work and the client continues to object, then the company boys turn nasty and in most cases the client pays just to see them leave his property.

So, how are you to avoid this unpleasant experience? You best choice of action is to ask around your friends or neighbors if they can recommend someone who offers junk removal services. If this is not an option, then you best friend, for this matter, is the phone. Give few companies a phone call and ask as many questions as possible.

The dishonest companies will try to paint you a perfect picture and in order to do so, they have to avoid some important questions. Here are the questions you should expect them to dance around and never answer them:

  • Are there any extra fees if my junk is heavy?
  • Does labour cost extra if the items are in the basement which is difficult to get to?
  • Are there any materials or type of junk that carry extra recycling fees?
  • How much free labour do I get for the amount of junk that I have?

All these questions are in reference to circumstances where the company will have no good reasons to tell you that there aren’t extra fees associated with these situations. If they do, then they are lying to you, and you should question your decision on hiring their services. A professional junk removal company will have no issues in stating that under such condition, additional fees may have to be applied, but they will tell you specifics after they see exactly what kind of rubbish you have. Not after they are done loading it, and you feel that you must pay them, since they have already carried out the service.

Use this little guidance next time you are considering hiring a junk removal company in Vancouver, and keep on reading my blog on the topic.