Junk Removal – How much does it cost?

20131228_104011It is not unreasonable for this to be the first question most clients have when contacting our company. Quality of service and other details are important but it is natural for a client to want to know if this services is within their budget. Therefore, this article will be dedicated on explaining how junk removal services are evaluated as far as price is concerned.

In order to better understand junk removal rates, the underlying costs of running this type of service needs to be examined. The basic costs stem from labour cost, disposal rates paid at the landfill, and fuel cost. Let us examine each one.

Labour cost

Most rubbish removal companies will provide you with all the labour you need. However, this is the area that the most savings can be made. These companies do not have cheap labour simply because they make their money by hauling rubbish and not by spending too much time on one place. Think of a business that is specialized in transporting rubbish. The faster they haul it to the landfill, the more they save on labour. The guys working for these companies are not just a general labour. They need to have an extensive knowledge of the garbage and recycling industry in Vancouver and therefore, they are paid more than just a general physical labourer. Therefore, you can enjoy some great discounts on junk removal fees if you get all your unwanted rubbish to the curb or the driveway. So, we have established the labour cost as one of the three aspects of total cost.

Disposal Fees

Disposal fees are based mostly on the weight of the junk. The heavier your rubbish is, the more it costs to dispose of at the North Shore Transfer Station. There is nothing you can really do to lessen the weight of the items you need hauled away but you can prevent them from getting heavier. One way to keep the weight of your garbage from increasing is to keep it away from rain. Leaving a couch outside on the Vancouver rain will make almost double its weight. Besides, weight, the type of junk also can add to the total cost. For instance, certain items such as mattress, box spring and drywall carry extra recycling fees that the rubbish removal companies have to pay. If you have any of those, the total rate will increase.

Fuel cost

This is expense is easy to understand. The further your place is from the landfill, the more fuel will be used and hence higher rate. However, this usually does not add too much to the total cost. However, avoid scheduling pickups around the rush hour. This will most likely lock few guys in the truck on the highway for over an hour in some cases. This is a time wasted for them and they will add this to the service cost.

So far we have examined the three main variables that constitute the final cost of junk removal. We just need to go over how you can estimate the total cost by just looking at what you need hauled away. Usually, companies have an average cost based on volume. They  look at the how much volume your junk will take in their truck and then from there they add additional costs if any of the three variables we talked about at the begging on the article are present. For example they would charge you $200 for half a load but then they will add $30 because there is a mattress. Or if they estimate that your junk in the basement will take them 1 hour to load onto the truck, they will add anywhere from $40 to $60. All this process can be discussed with the company representative. They will ask you questions that cover most of the topics we examined in this article.