How much does junk removal cost in Vancouver?

Some of the junk in the garageIn this article, we are going to examine, what a person should expect to pay for junk removal services in the Vancouver area. Some additional aspects of the waste management industry, will be examined, such as how to find a reliable disposal company, and what are the steps involved in the process.

Junk removal rates

Rates can vary significantly, depending on the following circumstances:

  • Type of garbage
  • Weight
  • Volume
  • Labour

Lets examine each one of these factors.

Type and weight of the junk

Some garbage, is not really a garbage, as far as the city of Vancouver is concerned. For example, mattresses are recycled, and an additional fee is applied on top of the disposal rates, at the landfill. However, if you have a general household garbage, there won’t be any additional fees. If this is the case, then the cost of hauling away junk, is based mostly on volume.

Volume of your garbage

Junk removal companies have trucks, that are on average, about 10 cubic yards. Lets create a scenario, which will help you understand how the total cost is calculated. Lets assume, that you have a pile of junk at your driveway, and it fills in about half of the 10 cubic yard truck. You should expect a total cost of services, in the range of $200 and $250. Since your items are sitting on your driveway, the guys can just pull next to it, and load everything quickly. In this case, you won’t have to pay anything extra, for labour. However, in the next section, we will explain, how labour cost is calculated.

Labour cost

What if the same amount of 5 cubic yards of rubbish, is in your basement. This scenario, will add more working hours to the men that are hauling your items. Expect, anywhere between $45/hour and $60/hour for labour. We should point out, that most companies, will allow one free hour, for loading.


There are times, when you may have something very heavy, such as tiles. Since hauling companies pay at the dump fees, based on weight, it makes sense, that they can’t charge you the same rate for 5 cubic yards of tiles.

How to save on junk removal?

Lets investigate, how can you save money on junk removal, while minding each of these four variables. Weight and labour are the two most important ones, that you have control over, in most instances. For example, if you have an old couch to dispose of, try to keep it dry, if you are planning on putting it outside. It’s weight can double, after a rainy night. Covering it with tarp, will do the job just fine.

Labour is probably, the one that will provide you with the biggest opportunity to save money on rubbish removal services. We are aware, that not everyone, who reads this, is capable, or wants to get junk out of their house. However, if you don’t mind, go for it. Get it on a driveway or in your garage, and the guys will not add any extra labour fees. Try getting some of your friends to help you as well. It can be a good social excuse to get together. You will probably have a laugh at the things you have been storing for years. Some of the things might even end up, leaving with your friends.

We hope that this little guide, will help you in estimating how much a junk removal will cost you. Our phone and email is another source of information for you, if you have any questions regarding this article or our services.