Junk removal cost in Vancouver

You have bunch of items to throw away, and you are wondering , how much would it cost you to haul it away? Here you will get a general idea, on some of the junk removal prices, you should expect in Vancouver

How much junk do you have?

If you only have a single item to dispose of, then estimating the junk removal cost, is fairly easy. Most hauling companies operating in Vancouver, will have rates associated with most single items. For example a couch removal fees are in the range of $80-$90. The same holds for mattress removal and recycling.

20141028_083028What if you have more garbage? Then things get a bit complicated. Not by much, so don’t get discouraged. The hauling rates are based on 3-4 variables. Volume, weight and labour involved. The larger and/or heavier something is, and the more time it takes to load it onto a truck, the most it will cost you. This may be a bit confusing, so lets go over some concrete examples.

You have a pile of garbage and it is about 20 feet away from the truck. It takes the guys 30 min to load and it takes about half of their truck space at the back. Most of the rubbish is just furniture and household stuff. They will probably present you with a bill for $200.

Cost of Heavy rubbish

What if you have exactly the same pile in volume, but you have some heavy tiles, or your furniture is wet and heavy. Then naturally, you have to expect a higher disposal rate. I won’t be speculating by how much the rate will go up, since it really depends on the extra weight. The best option for the client is to talk to the customer representative, and ask for an estimation on total junk removal rate.

Recycling fees

Another exception to the rule is, when some of the items you have for disposal, have an extra recycling fee. A mattress, box spring, drywall, are the most common items, which carry an extra recycling cost.

Hauling junk and labour cost

The final example, will illustrate how labour cost works, if it has to be applied as an additional fee. For a full load, the company will allow one hour of free labour. Anything over, that can cost you an extra $40-$60 per hour, depending on how many people are loading your garbage. One way to save money is to get everything ready at the driveway or the curb.