Junk Removal – Couch Disposal

My next junk removal order was in North Vancouver around capilano road. Taking the highway didn’t make much sense so I took Marine Drive. The Junk Removal job was an old couch. The couch was in a building so I had to bring my dolly for this junk removal job. This particular building was in a gated community so I had to get an entry card. I met the lady at the back of the building. The elevator was reserved for the junk removal job which was nice. Once I got to her apartment I realized that the couch is bigger than normal. This junk removal job was going to be challenging. Couch removal can be difficult if the hallways are very small and the couch is large. Otherwise, the couch is just placed on the dolly and I take it out very quickly. I never had to refuse couch removal order. On time me and the owner had to throw the couch out of the balcony, but I got it done. I removed the legs of the couch since they can be a problem around the corners. With couch disposal orders, any way you can make the couch smaller, will help. I put the couch on the dolly and with little bit maneuvering I got it out of the apartment and into the elevator. I got the couch out of the elevator and into the truck without any issues. The elevator was pretty big so that help significantly. I went back to the apartment to get the couch pillows and I was done with this couch removal order.