Junk removal deals in Vancouver

20131212_110147So, you have some junk to get rid of, and you are trying to get the best service, for the lowest price. Here, we will examine what is the best way to save money on junk removal services in Vancouver.

Seasons in Vancouver and Junk removal

Some industries, have a busy and slow season. The hauling business in British Columbia, is one of those businesses. Unless you are really in a hurry, you would want to avoid hiring this kind of service during the summer months. The cost of junk removal increases, and scheduling is difficult. This is not to say, that it is proximately more expensive, and you won’t be able to get a pick up for weeks. However, if you can wait until the winter months, you will get a good deal, and the company will be able to be more flexible on the scheduling. This is hard for most people, since it is nice to clear up the house in the spring for the summer. So, if you can’t wait, then we have few other solutions for you.

Big junk removal projects

The more items you have, the cheaper it is per item. Look around your house, and try to get everything in one go. If these guys have to come twice for an amount of junk, that could have been picked in one visit, they will charge you more. If you don’t have enough, talk to your neighbor and call a junk removal company together.

Keep your items dry

One of the cost hauling companies pass onto the client, is the dumping fees they pay at the city landfill. Disposal fees are based on the weight of the items, for the most part. Leaving your items outside, on the rain, will only make them heavier, and you will have to pay extra fees. If they have to be outside, simply cover them with something.

Create easy access to your rubbish

Junk removal companies in Vancouver will charge you for extra labour, if it is really hard to get to your junk, or it takes too long to get to it. If you have the time, invite some of your friends to help you, and just get it close to the curb, the driveway, or to the garage. Any place where the truck can get to the pile of rubbish, is good.

Sort and bag your items

You don’t have to do it for big items, but for the small items, this will save on labour. Sort the recyclables away from the the rest of the garbage, and bag what you can. No need to secure the garbage bags.

We hope that this little guide on how to get good deals on junk removal in Vancouver, will be helpful. Feel free to ask us any questions.