Junk removal for East Side – Vancouver

What are the best junk removal options on the east side? This page will provide you with a detailed information in regards to this question. Initially, the information might seem confusing, but by the time you are done reading this short article, you will have no difficulties comprehending the hauling services offered in Vancouver.

Junk removal cost for East Side

To haul away a single item, a disposal company will charge in the range of $80-$90. For example the cost of mattress removal is $90 per mattress, or a box spring. Having a 2nd, or 3rd item, increases the cost by half for each item. For example a box spring and a mattress, will cost close to $120-$140. The more the client adds, the cheaper the price is per item.

If a client keeps on adding items, then after the 3rd or 4th item, the rate is calculated by volume. There are two ways, waste management companies price large volumes of garbage. One way is per cubic yard. Most services are in the range of $30-$45 per cubic yard. One yard is 3 feet. The other system is related to volume, but the measurements are done using the truck box. Half full truck will be around $200, and full load would be close to $450. Most trucks are around 10 cubic yards.

What about extra charges? Yes, these are not common, but they do exist in some cases. For example, heavier items will cost the garbage removal company, higher disposal fees at the Vancouver landfill. However, if you have household items and furniture, you need not worry about extra weight. In the case of construction waste, there will be some extra charges, due to the fact that that type of material is heavy. If we have to talk about numbers, the client is looking at around 10-30% extra charge for heavy material.

Labour may also cost the client more money. For a full load, a client will get 1 hour of free labour. Any extra time spent on loading rubbish, will cost the client between $40-$60 per hour. Therefore, if you want to save money, have your items outside your property. The best place is the driveway, garage, or curb. Basically, as close as possible to where a truck can park. Clients from West Vancouver and North Vancouver, have difficult to use driveways. Therefore, keep that in mind, when taking your items out. Some big trucks cannot use them to get to your items.

Big vs Small Junk removal companies

Which one is the best for you? The big guys, will provide you with a good service, but the price will be on the high end. Some of the really small guys – pickup truck – will provide you with a good service for cheaper price, but most of them are problematic. These are guys who are just doing this part-time, and they can very unreliable. You could end up waiting all Sunday at home, for nothing. Also, there are some safety concerns with letting strangers on your property, but this topic is beyond this article.

There are also, the “too good to be true” companies. These are the ones you really have to be careful with. They will quote you a price, half of what most companies would charge, only so they can get you to schedule a pick up with them. Then when they arrive, they will load everything, and will triple the rate. When you complain, they will remind you, that they have already done the labour and you are on the hook to pay. Some will even get confrontational.

The best way to avoid bad services is to use your common sense when communicating with these companies. Pay attention to how you are treated on the phone. This is not to say that, there aren’t bad companies who hire polite people on the phone. However, if you start asking questions in regards to extra fees, and they start avoiding them, then you know that there is something fishy. It is time to move onto the next call.

We hope that now you are armed with all the information you need for hiring the best junk removal company on the East Side. If there is anything else you need answered on the topic of waste management, we can be reached by phone or email. Our website is very rich on that kind of information.