Junk removal on Grand Blvd West – North Vancouver

This particular pickup was bigger than we anticipated. Usually, the North Vancouver junk removal pickups are larger, but the client told me on the phone that it is not that much. The deal was for us to come and take a look on Sunday morning, and if the client is happy with the quote, we can just proceed and start loading the garbage.

Since it was Sunday, there was no traffic on highway 1. There was a little bit of slow driving on the Iron Workers bridge, but this didn’t slow us down more than few minutes.

20150129_100624We took Keith road and reached Grand Blvd West. The address was close to 19th street. The client had recently purchased the house, and the previous owner has left all sorts of rubbish around the backyard and the basement. We quoted him a price, and he was happy with it. Naturally, we started to load the junk.

There was nothing out of the ordinary,except that there were some paints and chemicals that needed to be taken to the recycling facility in North Vancouver. The client was moving some furniture from another house and he asked us, if we are ok to work while he is gone. We do this quite often, so we told him that he can take care of his business and trust us with the house.

It took us about 2 hours to load the first truck. The task was time consuming, because the rubbish was all over the backyard,and the basement was not that easy to access. We called the client, and asked him, if he wants us to comeback and do another load, since there was still some junk left in the basement and the house. He told us to go for it, and we did so.

First we had to drive down to the North Shore transfer station, and dump everything he had. However, the recycling material had to be taken to other places, so we did this first. Electronics, paints and chemicals have to be recycled in Vancouver. There is not way around it. Some junk removal companies still try to cut corners, but the fines are stiff.

We arrived at the North Shore transfer station, and to our pleasant surprise, there was no line up. We got right in. The load was pretty heavy, due to the fact that the client had lots of heavy plywood and couple of heavy windows. We paid a bit of a high price in disposal fees, but this happens sometimes. We should have quoted a higher junk removal price, but it is not a big deal, if this does not happen too often.

We headed back to the house on Grand Blvd, and it wasn’t long before we started to load the 2nd load. This time, it only came up to 1/3 of a load, and this is what we charged the client.

He asked us, if we are interested in going to his house the next day, since he has some junk there too. We needed to push it for another day, but he had only the next day as a free day from work, so we made an exception. The next day we met the client on time but this story is for the next blog entry 😉