Junk removal for Mount Pleasant – Vancouver

20140122_111018As the city of Vancouver list of “prohibited” items grows, citizens are beginning to wonder, what are they supposed to do with all those items, if they are not allowed to dispose of them in the garbage bin. Junk removal companies comes as a natural solution, but this type of service is a bit of a mystery to most. This article will attempt to clear some of the fog surrounding this industry.

Residential and commercial junk removal in Mount Pleasant

There are more than enough junk removal companies operating in this Vancouver neighborhood. The service is fairly simple. The company sends a truck and your junk magically vanishes. This sounds a bit like an instructional video from the 90’s describing how the INTERNET works, but I promise to go into more details later. I also promise to leave some of the magic. You will notice it, once your place is freed from all those items you never needed in the first place. The magic of “less is more”.

What do rubbish removal companies take?

At this point, pretty much anything you don’t need. Here is a partial list of the most common items that can be disposed for you:

  • Furniture
  • Large appliances
  • General household items
  • Electronics
  • Recyclables
  • Clothes
  • Green waste
  • Paint
  • Batteries
  • Metal

Here is what they wouldn’t take:

  • Toxic chemicals
  • Moody people
  • Bad kids
  • Dogs and Cats (unless cute)

Cost of Junk removal in Mount Pleasant?

couch removal companyPricing is fairly straightforward for single items. For example a couch is around $90. To remove a mattress, you may have to pay up to $100.

What if you have more than one couch? Does that mean, you have to pay double? No. This is the old way of doing business. I’ve noticed that when I sync my prosperity with my clients’ prosperity, things workout really well, long-term. For each additional item, you will get about half a price. For example, two couches will come to about $130.

How about bigger jobs? Well, this is a bit more difficult to put into solid formula of how it is calculated, but I will try to provide some general guidelines. This way my clients can stick to their budgets.

In general, it is about $35-$45 per cubic yards. One yard is 3 feet. So, if a truck is about 15 cubic yards, then filling it up half way, will cost you about $300. Why the price range? Because no two jobs are the same. If for example all your garbage is on the curb, or in the garage, then it will be $200. If you have it in a difficult to reach place, on your property, then naturally we have to charge you more for the extra labour.

Price may also increase if the garbage is really heavy, such as in the case with most construction material. This stems from the inescapable fact that the city of Vancouver likes to charge us, when we go to the dump, based on weight.


Everything that needs to be recycled, junk removal companies should take to the right place. There are stiff fines for not doing so, but there still some companies that try to cut corners. Therefore, try to hire a company that has a 21st century philosophy. On the phone, they will all tell you that they recycle, so you can’t really trust what they are saying. You have to get that answer in an indirect way. Talk to them and see how you feel about the overall essence of the company.

Here are some of the things that will be recycled and not taken to the dump:

  • Electronics
  • Large appliances
  • Some plastics
  • Mattress and box-spring
  • Green waste
  • Batteries
  • Oils
  • Cardboard
  • Metal

Looking at that list, I am not even sure, why were are still calling ourselves a junk removal company 😉

So, how do you go about hiring a garbage removal company?

Call few and look for the honesty element. Today words are cheap and dishonest companies know what you want to hear. However, they are not as skilled as they think. Ask them few concrete questions on pricing, and you will sniff out the ones who like to dance around those questions.

Once you find a company that you like, they will provide you with an estimation, based on your description of what items you need to be taken away. Give them few days advanced notice, because most likely they won’t be able to come and service you on the same day, or even the next day. These guys are busy for the most part of the year.

They will arrive and take a look at what you have, and let you know if there are any price adjustments that they need to make. You don’t have to commit to anything. If you think the price adjustment is too high, you can walk away from the deal. This is why I advice my clients to send me pictures of what they have. I’ve noticed that people have a different understanding of volume, when it comes to a pile of garbage.

So, with these words, we will complete this little guide on how to hire a junk removal company in your beautiful neighbourhood, called Mount Pleasant. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Remember …Less is more!

The Mount Pleasant neighbourhood is located near the intersection of Main Street and Broadway, which is known by the name of South Main, or SoMa. The Vancouver City Hall is very close to Mount Pleasant.