Doing junk removal in North Vancouver in a rainy day

20141030_132708I have been doing junk removal on the North Shore for some time, but dealing with the rain today, was a hard thing to do. I was called few days ago by a customer on the North Shore near east 21st Street. He had some construction waste for me to haul away.

The appointment was scheduled for 12:30, but I was there a bit early. The rain was going, but it was not that bad. The client came by and showed me what he had. I provided him with an estimation and he agreed to it.

20141030_130544I start loading, and this is when things start going bad. All the rubbish was so wet, that it was hard to get a hold of it. Many of the items had to be broken down, because the North Shore Transfer Station does not like anything that is bigger than 6 feet.

At some point the client also asked if he can throw away couple of more items, one of which was a mattress. Mattress, is not treated as a garbage in Vancouver, and for that reason, there are recycling fees associated with it. The customer did not have a problem with this fact, so I proceeded on loading it to the truck.

By the end of the work, which lasted about 40 min, about ¾ of the truck was full, which came to the exact estimation I had given to the client. Since, I was going to drive to the dump, using the HWY 1, I had to make sure that the junk was secured, or it was going to end up on the road. I see, all the time, big trucks on the highway, with unsecured rubbish on top, about to get lose and kill someone.

We got the payment sorted out, and we headed for the landfill, which is in North Vancouver. Since it was a rainy day, the dump was not very busy. We were in and out, in less than 10 min. The dumping fees were a little bit high, for what we had estimated, but it was too late to charge the client any extra fees. This happens sometimes. The reason fo this, was that most of his garbage was made of flat material, which does not take much of a volume, but can add lots of weight.