Junk removal pick up from North Vancouver

20141028_082935Few days ago I received a call from North Vancouver from a lady that needed me to remove some junk from her house. She really insisted to be there at 8 am since the real estate agents were showing up at 10 am and naturally she did not want them to see all that garbage. I assured here that I am never late and she took my word for it. We scheduled it for Tuesday 8 am.

Tuesday morning I fired up the dump truck and I headed to the North Shore. The traffic should have not been so bad at 7:30 am but considering that it was raining, it was normal to get stuck in traffic at the Iron workers bridge right before North Vancouver. The client house was in North Vancouver near upper Capilano rd.

Once we arrived we were greeted by the client’s husband. He showed us where the junk was. As they told me over the phone the day before that, it was wood from an old deck and some hard insulation rubbish as well. There was also some other items but it was pretty much straightforward. We asked for about 30 min to load it and the owner went inside his house. It was pretty easy to load it but some of the 2×4 were over 10 feet long. At the city dump we are not allowed to take any items longer than 6 feet. It is a ridiculous rule but we have to obey it. We made a decision to put some of the longer pieces and deal with it once we get to the dump since it started to rain harder.

20141028_083028Everything was loaded and we called on the owner. The wife came out and asked if she should pay with Visa. We take credits cards as payment and we have a mobile unit. Payment was made and she asked for a business card because she has other properties that need to be taken care of. We told her that we will be glad to clear her properties of all that unwanted garbage.

On the way back we hit another traffic on highway 1 around Lonsdale ave. We made a decision to take another road and within 20 min we were at North Shore Transfer Station. There was no lineup so we managed to get in without any waiting. The weight came up to around 400 kg of rubbish.