Junk removal prices

20140211_102956If you live in the Vancouver area, there is a chance that you will need to use a junk removal company at some point. One of the first questions that comes to mind is how much does junk removal cost and what these junk removal rates mean? In this article I will attempt to answer these questions.

Junk removal Rates as as a whole

Total price for hauling services is comprised of few separate elements. Fuel cost, how long it takes to get to your house, where you garbage is located on the property, how heavy the items are and what type of junk do you have. This is not exact science but a good customer representative will be able to give you a pretty good estimation how much the total service will cost you. They try to use averages when estimating cost and this is what you will see on the company website under rates. If one of those elements is out of the average, the price increase and it is a good business practice for the representative to let you know in advance.

Disposal rates

Once a truck is loaded with your junk, it is taken to the city landfill where the truck is weighted and disposal fees are paid based on how heavy the garbage is. If you have heavy debris like construction material, this will add to the total rate significantly. Keep that in mind when dealing with this kind of service.

Vancouver Location

Obviously the guys have to get to your house in order to help you. Try to find a junk removal company that operates mainly in Vancouver. If you call a service provider from Coquitlam and you live in West Vancouver, obviously they will spend more money on fuel and time is money as well. Also, asking them to come during the rush hours will be more costly since they will probably get stuck in traffic and it will take them longer to get to you and back to the dump.

Rubbish on the curbside

Labour cost is part of the total disposal rate. If you don’t want to pay extra fees and you don’t mind the workout, take all your items to the curb, garage or driveway. As long as the truck can be parked next to the pile of junk, they will be happy to service you and not charge you extra for the labour. Usually, companies allow for 30 min free labour to load a full truck and anythign after this period, is close to $60/h, depending on how many men are loading.

Single-item disposal and recycling

Single items are easy to price. Here are some junk removal prices for single items:

  • couch removal – $80-$100
  • mattress recycling – $90-$110
  • Large appliance disposal – $80

Keep in mind that every company has a different rate for single items disposal and the above listed are just average rates. This type of pick up is not very economical for the hauling companies since they have to come to your house just for a small pick up. In order to be able to service you, they have to schedule all the small pick ups in one day of the week. Therefore, be prepared for schedule that is not very flexible. If you needed removed on a different day, the rate could jump if they have to send 2 guys with a big truck for a single item.

Bulk junk removal

This is the type of order you should try to make since it is the most economical way to get rid of your unwanted rubbish. In this case, rates are calculated based on volume for the most part. A 10 cubic yard truck has an average weight when full of household garbage. If the same truck is loaded with heavy construction material, then obviously the rate will have to increase. Most junk removal companies in Vancouver charge around $450 per full load.

As we have demonstrated, the junk removal prices are no as difficult to understand. With little bit of information the reader now can feel comfortable dealing with this kind of hauling service.