Junk removal services for Arbutus Ridge

20141203_111529If you live in Arbutus Ridge, and you are in need of hiring a junk removal company, this article will be useful to you. Here, you will find all the information required in order to hire the right hauling company.

What is junk removal?

As you are probably already aware, there are many items that the city of Vancouver would not pick up, with the regular garbage. This task is carried by the private rubbish removal companies. Some people still try to leave their unwanted items in the neighborhood, but this usually means leaving it in the back lane, with the hope that someone might pick it up. This may take place, but most of the time this rubbish ends up in Trafalgar park, or Carnarvon park. Most of the readers would agree, that this is not the way unwanted furniture should be disposed of.

Junk removal cost for Arbutus Ridge

The cost of this service might seem at first difficult to understand, but by the time you are done reading this article, it will be easy to comprehend. There are single-items pick up and volume pick up. Single items are very easy to price. They are usually between $70 and $100. The usual items are a mattress, box spring, couch, or any furniture item.

The volume service is a bit more complicated, but most garbage disposal companies have simplified it for their customers, in terms of volume. For example a 1/3 of a load is around $150. This basically means, that if your items fill up their truck to about 1/3 of truck volume, you will be charged accordingly. A full load will be in the range of $400.

How is this really priced? Companies that haul way junk, have few types of expenses. They pay at the city landfill for the items they drop off, which is based on the weight. Then there is also labour, and fuel cost. When these 3 are combined, there is an average price per cubic yards of garbage. This is how the above mentioned rates are calculated.

What about exceptions?

The average is based roughly on a condition that the client’s items are made mostly of furniture of normal weight, and it takes about one hour of labour for a full load. Now, it is easy to see, why 1/3 of a load of furniture, or household rubbish, will be cheaper than the same amount of garbage made of heavy construction waste. Another exceptional scenario, can be seen when a household junk has to be taken out of a difficult to reach basement. Usually, this is priced at $60/h for labour, after the full hour is used up, for a full load. For 1/3 of a load, it would be after 20 min of free labour.

However, don’t let this confuse you too much, for when you talk to a customer representative, you will be informed on the potential extra charges, you may have to pay. The only thing you have to do is, tell the company, what you have, and how far is it from the parking, or the driveway.

Recycling fees

Some items, such as a mattress, boxspring, or drywall, have to be recycled, and for that reason, they have an extra fee. Our company recycles, and we pay these fees to the city of Vancouver. If you have a mattress with the 1/3 of a load, then you may have to pay an additional $30 on top of the $150. For a 1/3 of drywall load, the charge could increase to about $200-$250. As with the previous examples, we will let our clients know about these extra charges, before we load anything.

Scheduling an appointment

It is a good idea to give us a call, few days in advance. This way, we can put you on our next round in Arbutus Ridge neighborhood. This is especially true for the summer months, when we are extremely busy.

How to save money on Junk removal?

  • Don’t let furniture get wet and heavy
  • Call us in the winter, when business is not that busy
  • Separate metal and electronics from the rest of the rubbish
  • Bag all small items
  • Get the items as close to the curb as possible. The garage and driveway will be sufficient too.

We hope that this guide will allow you to prepare and make the most of our services. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us. We have answers and good service for you!