Junk removal services in Kerrisdale – Vancouver

20150129_112553In this article you will find all the useful information on hiring hauling services in Kerrisdale. Services of this kind seem simple, but the lack of some basic facts or the trickery of the marketing efforts by the rubbish removal industry has made plenty of victims. By the time you are done reading this material, you will be fully prepared to hire professional services from this industry with confidence.

Definition of junk removal services

It is natural for a household to generate some idle items. Space is valuable in a city like Vancouver and therefore, most people would find it attractive to get rid of some of those items. Rubbish removal companies can provide you with the appropriate services in disposing of household rubbish. With few exceptions, they will be able haul away anything you might find in a house.

How to find a good disposal company in Kerrisdale?

Online is the best option for most clients. Search engines by default will provide you with local listings, but this is only the raw data, for most of these companies may not be suited for your needs, or your expectations of what it is a good service. Read on, and you will discover how to avoid them.

Screening waste management companies

Today it is quite easy to get a good looking website, which suggests that this should not be your main criteria by which you make your final choice. As a matter of a fact, we would even advice that you completely ignore this aspect. Low rates and other unrealistic promises are the other ways to lure clients, and this is the other angle that for now needs to be ignored.

So, how to spot a good vendor? The best approach is to speak to few companies over the phone. Ask them few test questions, that you will lean about further down this article. When you are armed with those questions, and you understand why they are difficult, you will understand why companies with questionable practices have the tenancy to avoid answering them. Honest companies will address them openly.

Speaking to them will also allow you, for the most part, to gage the culture of the company. Unprofessional rubbish hauling companies have the tendency of having rude customer service, and you will be able to notice this. This stems from the fact that they are so busy ripping their clients off, that they miss important details like this. Pay attention of the treatment you are getting on the phone, and you will save yourself so much trouble.

Junk removal prices on the West Side

As we mentioned earlier, price is one of the ways bad companies will lure unsuspecting clients into a trap, where a client hears one price, but after all the garbage is loaded, it is doubled or even tripped. However, we will take the opportunity to explain how pricing works.

Single items removal cost

Single items are fairly simple to understand. Most single items are either furniture or some sort of a large appliance. For example, the removal of a couch is around $80. The same rates should be expected for most furniture removal such as a mattress, box spring, sofa, dresser, dining table and the same is true for most large appliances.

Each additional item is about half price, but at some point, if you have more than few, then it is better for the service to be priced based on volume.

Large volumes of garbage rates

Large volume pick ups are priced based on volume for the most part. The average rate is about $40-$50 per cubic yard. The size of each cubic yard is 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet. An average size pickup truck can hold about 3-4 cubic yards.

There are some important details that we need to cover, which will arm you with the kind of information you can use when trying to determine which is the best hauling service you should hire. Asking questions based on this information will allow you to see if the junk removal company you are considering, is trying to trick you into hiring them by means of painting you unrealistic picture of the service they provide.

Private waste management companies pay disposal fees at the city landfill based on weight, for the most part. Therefore, heavier items will cost them more, and consequently, they have to charge more for such items. To demonstrate this point, think of the weight of 1 cubic yard of household garbage vs the same volume filled in by heavy floor tiles. The disposal fees that will have to be paid by the hauling company will be much higher, and they can’t give you the same rate of $40-$50 per cubic yard.

Labour can also cost you extra under circumstances when the items have to be carried over large distances. Most companies will allow for 1 hour free labour for a full load, which is about 10 cubic yards. Any labour after this time, can cost anywhere between $40/h and $80/h, depending on how many people are doing the work.

All these details are important for two reasons. The main one will allow you to get a good idea of what your total cost will be, and the secondary one will be that you will be able to determine if the company you are about to hire is being honest with you. For some reason, the bad companies will always try to tell you that there is no extra cost under any circumstances. If this company is planning to be in business for a long time, they cannot ignore the extra cost associated with certain circumstances. If they tell you this, they will either be out of business soon, or out of business in the near future for they will run out of people that they can trick.

In conclusion, we are hoping that little guide has provided you with the majority of knowledge you need in hiring a good junk disposal service for the best price you can get.