Junk removal services for Kitsilano

20141024_100405Kitsilano gets a great garbage pick up services, but there are certain items that the city of Vancouver would not haul way. In this article, I will provide some useful information on the junk removal services, available in this neighbourhood.

Why junk removal companies

It has been many years since the city of Vancouver has stopped picking up most large items, such as furniture, large appliances, and construction material. Even for regular garbage, if for some reason, you have large amount of rubbish, they will not be able to help you. For this reason, the private rubbish removal industry grew to the proportions we see today. Everyone has seen those 1-800-GOT-JUNK trucks driving around the city.

Cost of junk removal services

Every pick up is different, but here we will examine some basic rules by which, the cost of hauling your items, can be estimated. It may seem complicated at first, but by the time you are done reading the next few paragraphs, you will realize how simple it is.

Single items are fairly easy to price. Usually they are in the range of $70 and $100. It really depends on the company and few other conditions. One of those conditions is, how soon you need it hauled away. If the item – such as a mattress or a box spring – is recyclable, then there disposal rate will be in the higher range of $100 per item. Having a 2nd or 3rd item, lowers the cost per item. Here are some examples of single items, that junk removal companies will pick up.

  • Couch / Sofa

  • Mattress and Box spring

  • Dining table

  • Dresser

  • Large appliances

  • bed

What if you have more than few items to dispose of?

Then things get a little bit more complicated, but at the same time, you will get a better deal per item. This is because, some of the expenses disposal companies have, are constant, regardless of weather you have a single couch or 5 couches. They are not completely the same, but they can save some time and fuel, by driving to your house and picking up all 5 couches , instead of picking up a single couch each time, five times in a roll. I think you get the point.

So, how are the bigger pick up services, priced?

Hauling companies have a simple price system, based on volume. The volume , your rubbish will take, when loaded onto the truck, will determine the total cost of the service. For example a 1/4 of a load will cost around $150. However, if your items are on the heavy side, then the cost might increase. The reason for this is, because when the load is taken to the city landfill, a charge is applied based on the weight of what is being dumped. Therefore, the $150 charge is based on the assumption, that most of the items are of a typical household nature, such as furniture, appliances, and clothes. In cases when the load is comprised on heavy construction material, an extra charge will be applied, but you need not be concern, for the company representative will let you know in advance, if there will be any additional fees.

There are also some types of recyclable items, that have an extra fee associated with them, because the city requires it. This means, that there is an extra recycling fee that is paid on top of the dumping fee, when dropped at the landfill. Technically, only the recycling fee needs to be paid, but that means, the truck has to enter the dumping facility twice, and each time, the line up is about 20 min long. One time to dump the rubbish, and the 2nd time to dump the recycling material. Money on the dumping fees are saved, but they are all lost in time.

Labour also is of importance. For a full load a client will get about an hour of free labour. On days that we are not that busy, we are even willing to extend this to 2 hours. However, if your items are in a difficult to access location, and we have to be there for 3-4 hours, then naturally, we have to increase the labour cost. Usually, this runs in the neighbourhood of $60/h.

Do we recycle?

Yes we do. We feel that Kistilano is one of the most environmentally friendly neighbourhoods in Vancouver, and our recycling effort is greatly appreciated by out clients. Also, there is a financial incentive for recycling. For example, we don’t have to pay any dumping fees for some items, We may have to drive a bit more to different locations, in order to dispose of those items, at the different recycling centres, but we save on the dumping fees. In some cases, when the furniture that is thrown away is good, we manage to find a good home for it. We are waiting for the times, when 70% of what we pick up, will be taken for recycling.

How to save money

Naturally, our company would like to make the most profit, but at the same time, we are trying to find a balance between this goal and the desire to educate our customers. So, there are few things, that can be done, in order to avoid some extra charges. Here are some of the basic, and the same time, most important ways to save money on junk removal:

  • Get all the rubbish close to the curb line. The garage and the driveway is also a good place.

  • Keep items dry. Water will increase their weight.

  • Sort electronics, drywall, recyclables, away from the general garbage.

  • Bag what is small enough to be bagged.

  • Keep the driveway clear of cars

Scheduling an appointment

Give us a call or emails us, and we will take you through the steps that need to be taken. After you tell us what you have, we will be able to give you an estimation. Usually, we need few days advanced notice. This way we can put you on the next round, when we are in Kitsilano. This is especially true for the summer months, for we are so busy, that it is rare for us to be able to service you even the next day. We have also noticed, that when our clients are given more time to prepare, they find additional items to throw away. Once the cleaning starts, it is an additive process.

When we arrive, we will look at what you have, and will be able to give you a final price. Once everything is loaded, we will be on our way, and you will enjoy a much bigger house. Once you have enjoyed our service, and the freedom of open space in your house, you will most likely call us again, for a 2nd, and even a 3rd round of cleaning your property of items you don’t need.

With this, I will finish this little guide on what junk removal services are about. If you have any questions, we are always available by email or phone, to answer them.Less is more!