Junk removal services for West Point Grey – Vancouver

20141203_100744Junk removal is an important service for residents in the West Point Grey area of Vancouver. However, there seems to be a level of confusion on what exactly hauling companies offer, and how are their services priced. This page will examine some of the important aspects of this hauling service.

Why use junk removal companies in West Point Grey?

Part of the answers lies in the fact that as a resident of Vancouver, you are not allowed to throw away large items, or large amounts of garbage with your bin. The city will simply not pick it up. This is the main reason private junk removal companies are in high demand in our city.

Professional vs small rubbish removal companies

The size of the company does matter in most cases, but what you should watch out for is mostly for the services that are usually found on Craigslist. This is not to suggest that a guy with a pickup cannot provide a good service, but most likely, you will be having some difficulties working with that sort of a small service. They have the tenancy to be very late, or not even show up. There also other issues, but they are beyond the scope of this article.

To be fair, we should also examine the problems that large companies, such as 1-800-JUNK-type, can bring. The level of service will be very high, but you may have to pay more, than you have agreed on. They use little tricks to inflate their final cost. Talk to them and make sure the aren’t any surprises. In the next section, we will examine what you need to do, in order to avoid these situations.

Junk removal cost for Vancouver

The cost to remove a single item – such as a couch or a mattress – has a disposal rate of about $90. What if you have more than one item to dispose of? Usually, each additional item is half the rate of the first item. For example, two couches will be costing you around $130. If there more items to add, then the savings get bigger, because the pricing system switches to rates that are based on total volume of the garbage.

As a general rule, each cubic yard of junk costs around $45. One cubic yard is 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet. Naturally, you would need 2 or 3 cubic yards minimum, for a company to make profit, so keep that in mind. It is better to gather as much of unwanted items, as you can, so you can enjoy the most savings. There are other ways to save on junk removal, but this will be covered later.

The size of most disposal trucks is in the range of 10 cubic yards. Filling up half of the truck, would cost you between $200-$250. The price is not exact, because there are some exceptions which could bring some additional fees. One of them is when the junk is on the heavy side. Disposal of construction waste is one of those instances.

Labour cost can also add some additional fees. The rates that hauling companies list, are assuming that the items are at the curb or the driveway. If they have to spend more than an hour loading a full load, then the client may have to pay $50-$60/h on labour.

Now that you are armed with this information, you would know how to describe your situation to the junk removal company, and therefore avoid any surprises and last-minute extra charges.

The next step is to contact them and schedule an appointment. Since they are busy for the most of the year, it is a good idea to give them few days advanced notice. You will be given a 2 hour window for which you have to be at home. Most of the professional companies will show up on time.

We are hoping that this article has provided you with enough information on how to hire a good junk removal company in Vancouver. For more information, you can contact us, and we will answer any questions you may have.